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With the development of economy, the building materials industry has been further developed. In particular, the door and window industry has been surging this year. Every door and window enterprise wants to have its own position in the industry. In this battlefield full of gunsmoke, all major brands have full firepower to "fight" and hope to gain their own position in the market. However, with the competitive advantages of "top ten brands of doors and windows" and "first-line brands of doors and windows", angel doors and windows, With the strength of this enterprise and social recognition, it stands out in this fierce market "battle"

Angel door and window brand was founded in 2003 and has been rooted in the aluminum alloy door and window industry for 14 years. With an area of 40000 square meters, the comprehensive plant has won the title of top ten brands in the fierce market competition with its excellent brand strength

I. development history of the enterprise

birth: it was founded in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province in 2003, and began brilliantly

Transformation: in 2009, a new factory was established in Foshan, becoming a new model in the door and window industry

take off: in 2014, an international production base of 30000m2 was established and developed into a comprehensive enterprise from research and development to after-sales integration

brilliant: in 2016, strength, innovation, tenacity and service developed a number of new products, which were rated as class a environmental protection doors and windows, won the market with excellent quality, and the products are exported to Europe and the United States and other countries and regions

I. brand publicity

in 2016, angel spent a lot of money to vigorously create the brand advertisement of "angel doors and windows", and put anti-aircraft advertisements on important highways across the country, opening the prelude to the big brand strategy of "angel doors and windows". The great determination and investment of angel are rare in the aluminum alloy doors and windows industry

in recent years, angel doors and windows has spent a lot of money on brand communication, trying to make more customers recognize the brand culture of angel, choose angel, and choose the brand of doors and windows that you can rest assured

II. Social and industrial media recognition

with its excellent corporate image, excellent product quality and honest business philosophy, angel doors and windows has been highly recognized by consumers and professionals in the industry

March, 2013: Ingres doors and windows won the "excellent enterprise of quality brand"

may, 2013: Ingres doors and windows won the "excellent brand of Guangdong door industry in 2013"

January, 2015: Ingres doors and windows won the Title of "vice president unit" of the first Council of Guangdong door association

January, 2015: Ingres doors and windows won the title of "top ten brands of new sharp aluminum doors in Guangdong"

January 2016: Angel doors and windows signed a strategic cooperation agreement with norto, Germany

November 2016: Ingres doors and windows won:: "2016 model of Chinese door and window craftsman"

March 2017: Ingres doors and windows won: "2017 top ten brands of doors and windows"

July 2017: Ingres doors and windows won the title of "2017 consumer favorite brand"

Third, the store network coverage is large

Ingres doors and windows originated from the German design concept, focusing on the field of high-end customized doors and windows, which integrates research and development, production, sales A comprehensive modern enterprise providing services. There are more than 200 5A level exclusive stores of angel doors and windows nationwide, and the distribution network covers all provinces of the country. It saves time to buy and is safe to use. Environmental friendly production raw materials, stable product quality, excellent design style and comprehensive service system make you feel a different door and window service experience

IV. product quality advantages

Angel doors and windows one-stop purchase brand, high quality, products cover doors, windows, sunshine room three categories of products, thousands of exquisite styles. Every link of door and window production is strictly required, especially the requirements of material selection, design and manufacturing technology, so as to strive for excellence, and strive to deliver the most perfect products to your hands

v. professional after-sales service

angel has a perfect and professional after-sales service system, a national free service hotline, answered by professional and efficient service personnel. Warm and sincere service can bring you a satisfactory smile. Let you buy products without worry

in a word, if the door and window brand wants to maintain the position of a first-line brand in the fierce market competition or rush into the door and window enterprise with the goal of a first-line brand, only through continuous efforts to obtain the recognition of society and professionals can the enterprise grow through innovation

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