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There are two directions in life, going out and going home

come home and encounter light luxury wind

in the home atmosphere, we will try to save the fleeting time and create a happier home environment

may be just a corner,

may be a period of time in the afternoon or evening

a comfortable lounge chair and a warm blanket are enough

no matter how beautiful the scenery in the world is, it's not urgent to work hard. After fatigue,

the way home

if home is related to your coordinates,

and time allows, energy is sufficient,

then, I'll give you a reference,

turn the long way home,

into a road trip about "faith"

life will not disappoint everyone who works hard outside

all your tears,

is a river crossing you

all your suffering will light up the road ahead of you

years have never given up on us, and we can't live up to them

always can't stay deeply

just love the nest and win the hearts of the people

Shangpin natural color, artistic wooden doors born for space, and wall guards, background walls, skirting lines, cabinets and other peripheral products (1+n space customization) that link space with doors as the core. The most proud and proud thing is that Shangpin natural color has entered thousands of families across the country, has served thousands of consumers, and focuses on pursuing the refinement of products and processes Exquisite and craft, committed to the concept of "art", "design" and "home", and highly integrate the rigorous attitude with the aesthetics of home

more surprises welcome to Shangpin authentic offline stores and tmall flagship store

the 2018 Shangpin authentic life Shanghao Festival "designing an ideal life for home" is being launched nationwide





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