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The door is a necessary element of home furnishing. It is not only a partition, but also an ornament, reflecting the owner's taste and cultivation. Because the "door" is the facade of the family, the quality must be excellent, and the appearance must be able to handle it

door is a necessary element of home. It is not only a partition, but also an ornament, reflecting the owner's taste and cultivation. Because “ Door ” It's the appearance of the family. The quality should be excellent and the appearance should be good. But objectively speaking, the development of the wooden door market is still in a mixed situation, and the situation of shoddy goods as good and false as true is still emerging in endlessly. How to let consumers buy reassuring and reassuring products, Qijia reporter recently conducted a multi-party visit

Wanjia anti-theft door

■ carefully choose wooden doors below 700 yuan

there are many door categories in the market, and the more common ones are solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, molded doors, PVC paint free doors, etc. Solid wood door is that the whole door is completely processed with solid wood. Its characteristics are that the texture of wood is clear, there is a strong sense of integrity and three-dimensional sense, and it is relatively tasteful. However, the wood has the characteristics of wet expansion and dry shrinkage, so its biggest disadvantage is that it is easy to crack and deform

at present, the most common is the solid wood composite door. The so-called solid wood composite door generally refers to the composite door made of solid wood as the main material, medium density board as the balance layer, and domestic or imported natural wood veneer as the finish after high temperature hot pressing. The reporter learned that medium and high-grade solid wood composite doors can reach fourorfive yuan or even nearly ten thousand yuan. The price of ordinary solid wood composite doors ranges from more than 1000 yuan to twoorthree yuan, while molded doors and PVC paint free doors can be bought for hundreds of yuan. Insiders said that now, due to the uneven quality level of the wooden door market, the price is relatively chaotic, but wooden doors below 700 yuan must be carefully selected

■ there is nothing special about the painted door

according to the relevant person in charge of the forest products quality inspection station, the structure and production process of the wooden interior door are different, the signs are diverse, and the salesperson has many statements, which makes it difficult to choose and buy. You often see “ Paint baking door ”, The so-called baking varnish is actually a production process, not a special material. All wooden doors made by using infrared radiation and other methods to bake in the paint spraying process for rapid curing or other process needs can be called paint baking doors. Now, the process of accelerating curing by infrared radiation in the process of wood painting has been very common, and most products have adopted this process. It can be said that painted wood doors can be called paint baking doors, which is nothing special

painted wooden doors include solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, molded doors, plywood doors and wooden doors with decorative paper as the decorative layer. At present, most of the wooden doors marked as paint baking doors in the market are wooden doors with decorative paper on the surface, which is very different from the effect of solid wood doors and solid wood composite doors, so don't be “ Baking paint ” Two words confused. When purchasing wooden doors, we should mainly look at the structure, materials, installation and service of the products




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