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In recent years, kitchen appliances have gradually become brand products with ultra fast growth rate in household appliances. As a comprehensive kitchen appliance quality manufacturing enterprise in the industry and a core kitchen appliance enterprise as an important part of home furnishings, Cohen appliances, the top ten brands of kitchen appliances, has attracted more and more attention from consumers. Therefore, Cohen appliances, the top ten brands of kitchen appliances, has also received a good development opportunity

according to the survey and analysis, consumers' concept of products has gradually upgraded, and Cohen appliances, the top ten brands of kitchen appliances, has also actively responded, gradually changing from the original price competition of medium and low-end products to the new technology and quality competition of medium and high-end products; Most consumers believe that the budget for purchasing a complete set of kitchen appliances is between 5000-10000 yuan. It is obvious that consumers with a budget below 5000 yuan have significantly reduced. 17% choose between 10000-20000 yuan and 5% choose more than 20000 yuan. This result has increased rapidly than a year ago. It can be seen that consumers have a strong interest in medium and high-end kitchen appliances

for example, Cohen appliances, one of the top ten brands of kitchen appliances, launched 8660 types of stir fried series cigarette machines, which adopts black crystal glass Cohen Da smoke guiding mesh plate, which is easy to clean and disassemble, and is surrounded by smoke on all sides; The bottom of the screen is equipped with a condensing gradient drainage grid, which effectively improves the cleaning rate of oil fume by 20%-30%. The honeycomb instantly cleans the condensing inner net, and the oil fume filter rate reaches 99.96%. The negative pressure central wind pressure reaches 400pa, and there is no pressure for long-term frying; More than 60% of consumers believe that similar to 8660 fried range hood products, which have strong smoke removal effect, are the first choice for choosing a range hood

facts have proved that consumers pay more attention to the quality of kitchen appliances, and the price factor is getting lower and lower. In contrast, the appearance design, safety quality and energy saving of products have become the factors that consumers pay more attention to. In the future, Cohen appliances will also continue to improve the product quality to meet the needs of consumers





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