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Looking at the international cigarette paper market (Part 2)

vicious circle as the tide rises and falls. The threat of oversupply remains. Paper producers continue to increase production, and supply may increase again due to the emergence of some new cigarette paper channels, especially in China

According to bill Foust of Schweitzer mauduit, "Over the past few years, cigarette paper production in Europe, Latin America and the United States has decreased significantly, mainly due to the merger of cigarette paper suppliers, the international purchasing methods of multinational cigarette companies and changing demand patterns. Schweitzer mauduit predicts that these changes have made the production capacity of cigarette paper more in line with demand. However, a number of new and ongoing projects are significantly increasing production, which may cause supply and demand problems There is a surplus of goods, at least temporarily. "

Christian bachheimer, senior executive of BMJ, an Indonesian paper producer, also believes that supply will increase. "I think at present, supply and demand are in balance. It is difficult for people to predict what will happen in the next few years. I think supply will increase in the next two years."

oversupply is unfavorable to paper manufacturers, but it will bring benefits to cigarette manufacturers. Silberstein said, "the fact is that the major cigarette manufacturers benefit from excessive supply in the market when negotiating agreements."

he added, "This situation has stabilized, but it will change again. There will always be oversupply in the market. Cigarette paper manufacturers continue to increase production or improve efficiency in order to increase production. Therefore, we will return to the vicious circle of oversupply. This situation will once again be beneficial to cigarette manufacturers when they try to negotiate an agreement. It will be readjusted again at some time in the future."

China factor. As in the past, it is difficult to predict the impact of China's production on the global cigarette market

Bachheimer said that at present, there are many cigarette paper activities in China. "There are two groups of active companies in China - existing companies and many emerging companies. These are companies owned by China, which initially produced only a few thousand tons of paper materials. Now they are also active, buying new equipment and increasing production. The market is undergoing readjustment."

he said that so far, the quality of cigarette paper produced by these companies does not meet the standards. When or whether they will improve quality is still unknown. Bachheimer said, "it takes time. It's a learning process. The question is how long it takes."

genaro barange of Miquel y Costas said, "we believe that China is improving not only in quantity, but also in quality. The Chinese market has been opened and adjusted in the past 10 years, becoming a very attractive market. In a sense, China's actual paper production still needs to invest in technological upgrading to meet the needs of the future market."

the biggest question is, how many paper materials will China successfully export? The country has indicated that it plans to increase the export of paper materials. Ace said, "China (with the help and encouragement of two foreign paper mills) has been increasing local production of cigarette paper. The Monopoly Bureau has publicly announced its intention to export cigarette paper."

foust said that because of its high sensor accuracy (some of which reach 10.05 million), it can also test the friction coefficient, "Chinese paper producers have made substantial improvements in the quantity and quality of their cigarette paper products to meet the growing domestic demand. This trend will continue. Despite the improvements made by Chinese tobacco paper producers, we believe that China is still an attractive large market for our products. We export tobacco paper materials to China through one of our French branches, which have been tested by durometer The material has been around for many years and will continue to do so. "

thelen added, "China's total demand for cigarette paper is about 80000 tons per year. The local production, including two new stress relief paper machines, is about 100000 tons per year. The quality of locally produced standard cigarette paper is almost comparable to that of imported products. China still has a great demand for the so-called 'special cigarette paper'."

bernd Hagedorn, managing director of Julius Glatz, said, "At present, China is facing about 50% oversupply in cigarette paper. Yunnan Hongta Lanying group, a successful joint venture between Hongta Group and Glatz company, is still developing. It supplies nearly 20000 tons of cigarette paper to the local market every year and is the number one supplier in the Chinese market. In 2004, I made a summary of the above and summarized the four control systems for users' reference. On September 1, Yunnan Hongta Lanying Paper Co., Ltd Celebrate its first 10 years of successful history. Together with our paper mills in Germany, we have been investing in research and development to ensure the most advanced technology and the quality of products produced in China. As China is in a stage of continuous centralization, and Hongta is the largest cigarette supplier in Asia, we are optimistic about the corresponding growth in China's cigarette market. "

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