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Momoshang trusted others to log in to Apple ID but was locked.

users who use Apple know that once the account ID is tampered with, it becomes a "brick". A few days ago, Xiao Lin suffered such a task. In his own hands, he logged in to the Apple ID provided by his friend, and the results fell step by step into the "trap" designed by the other party

yesterday afternoon, I saw Xiao Lin around Jinhua Road. When it comes to being cheated this time, Xiao Lin is a little unable. He didn't expect that his good intentions were manipulated. On the afternoon of March 16, Xiao Lin, who had nothing to do, logged into Momo (a similar social chat software). "If you lose the apple, who will use it? Do me a favor and wait." a friend named liululu attracted Xiao Lin's attention

what Kobayashi used was apple 6plus, so he called on the other party. "I lost my apple. Now I need to log in to the ID account to check the phone number." without much thought, Xiao Lin added his own Apple ID, and then stopped logging in with the ID and password sent by the other party. Twoorthree minutes later, Xiaolin's apple took the initiative to shut down. When he turned it on again, he found that the demand was activated, but the input of his own account and password was wrong. "All the data on the were wiped out by the other party and became a 'brick', which was useless." Kobayashi said that after the ID was tampered with, he tried to swipe the machine to unlock it at the repair places such as chopping board street, but all failed

therefore, Xiao Lin had to find a spare one and log in to Momo account again. The friend named liululu left a message to him: "add, find the hit back machine ID." After adding the other party's number, Xiao Lin found that the other party's nickname was "professional IOS unlock". Soon, "professional IOS unlock" sent Xiao Lin a price list, covering each model of apple. From Apple 4 to the current apple 6splus, using energizer, with the model changes, the decoding cost ranged from 400 yuan to 880 yuan

Xiao Lin's decoding cost is 680 yuan. The other party requires to pay first before giving the account. Worried about being cheated again, Xiao Lin called Apple's official customer service. After he stated the environment, the customer service asked him to provide the external packaging, invoice and current ID account number of the purchased machine. As long as the above three prerequisites are met, apple customer service can help him find the hit back machine ID. "the account number is set by a liar, so I can't know, so I have to promise the other party's decoding requirements.". In this way, on March 27, Xiaolin paid a decoding fee of 680 yuan to a friend named Meng Jiayue. Later, the other party sent Xiao Lin an ID account, but did not give him a password. "You need to pay another 300 yuan for the secret code." Now, Xiao Lin no longer has any dreams. He asks the local police station of Hujiamiao to close the case by pressing the reset button on the right timer. Kobayashi told us that he just wanted to use his own experience to remind everyone. Now the tricks are coming out one after another, so he must polish his eyes

how to prevent ID theft

according to the experience, many users have suffered similar problems. Some industrialists suggested that users should try their best to open the "two-step verification" of Apple ID on the official Apple website, and obey the "recovery key" to prevent others from visiting this account. After the two-step verification is started, only the effective user can complete the operations such as point to point secret code, login to the cloud, purchase and charging app, etc. In the process of implementing the guidelines (Wang Haipeng, who is basically in a stalemate)

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