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Signs and descriptions of sales packages (Part 1)

generally, the sales packages are attached with decoration pictures and text descriptions, and some are also printed with bar code signs. These aspects should be done well when designing and making sales packages

(1) packaging decoration picture sales packaging decoration picture should be beautiful and generous, full of artistic attraction, and highlight commodity characteristics. The pattern and color should adapt to the national habits and hobbies of the country after the development of relevant products. When designing the decoration picture, we should try our best to expand the export

(2) the text description should have necessary text description on the sales package, such as trademark, brand, product name, place of origin, quantity, specification, composition, purpose and use method. The text description should be closely combined with the decoration picture, set off each other and complement each other, so as to achieve the purpose of publicity and promotion. The text used must be concise and to the point, so that customers in the sales market can understand it. If necessary, it can also be used in both Chinese and foreign languages

when using words or making labels on sales packages, attention should also be paid to the provisions of label management conditions in relevant countries

(3) the bar code on the commodity package of bar code is composed of a group of black-and-white with numbers and parallel stripes with different thickness intervals. This is a special code language that uses photoelectric scanning reading equipment to input data for the computer. At present, many countries in the world use barcode on commodity packaging. As long as the bar code is aligned with the photoelectric scanner, the computer can automatically identify the bar code information, determine the product name, variety, quantity, production date, manufacturer, origin, etc., query its unit price in the database, make payment settlement, and print out the purchase list, which effectively improves the benefit and accuracy of settlement. At present, supermarkets in many countries use bar code technology for automatic scanning and settlement. For example, if there is no bar code on the commodity packaging, even famous and high-quality commodities can not enter the supermarkets, but can only be used as low-grade commodities to enter the low-cost stores. In addition, some countries do not import some goods without bar code marks on their packaging. Therefore, it is urgent to promote the use of bar code marks on China's commodity packaging. In order to meet the needs of the international market and expand exports, China established the "China special product coding center" in december1988, which is responsible for the promotion and unified management of bar code technology. In april1994, China officially joined the international article coding Association. The country number assigned to China by the association is "690". Those marked with "690" bar code indicate that they are goods produced in China. With the development of China's socialist market economy and the further reform and opening up, the commodities that use bar codes, especially the export commodities, should strive to print bar codes on the commodity packaging

the method and orientation of humanized packaging color design with the improvement of living standards, packaging has been closely related to our life, and people's demand for packaging design has become more and more critical and demanding. From the 1980s to 1990s, humanized design has become the focus of attention in the diversified period, and gradually formed an irreversible trend, which not only endows humanized design in the packaging structure, The color design of packaging is no exception. The humanized design of packaging color reflects the essential feature of "people-oriented". It reflects the respect and care for human nature from the color, and creates a harmonious and comfortable color vision, which is more conducive to human survival and development. Successful packaging is inseparable from the preemptive color aesthetic feeling. Depending on the color of packaging, it not only plays a role in promoting sales and establishing brand image, but also has the power to call for emotion and forms an important part of the overall aesthetic feeling. As the American designer pross said, "people always think that design has three dimensions: aesthetics, technology and economy, but more importantly, the fourth dimension: human nature."

1 causes of humanized design of packaging color

the emergence of humanized design trend of packaging color has the original flash of society and individual, as well as the development needs of design itself

1) the demand of brand competition

the development of economy and technology has led to fierce competition in modern business, numerous brands in the market, and the product quality launched by various enterprises is equal and each has its own merits. In the end, brand competition has turned into "Kung Fu outside". Although consumers have doubts and believe that they should not "judge people by their appearance", they can only explore the content from the packaging, and are willing to choose new and beautiful packaging. Songjianming once analyzed in the color topic: "the problem that color design solves is the problem of image, and the main task is to solve the problem of color fashion of products." "Color design is like a makeup artist. It is not his task to change a person's appearance. This' hard skill 'may be the task of a cosmetic surgeon, but color designers use this' soft skill' - color to change their appearance. This is an effective means to increase the high added value of products with less investment." ", Packaging color is not only an invisible key to open the hearts of consumers, but also the most important external feature of products. It has created an amazing effect of low cost and high added value for products, forming an irreplaceable way of information transmission and one of the attractive design means

2) the demand of consumer psychology

the purpose of the design is to meet people's physiological and psychological needs. The two needs become the driving force for people to use sticky and soft rubber on the surface in contact with the sample. People's spiritual world is a vast and boundless world. People's psychological and spiritual needs are rich and endless. Packaging colors must have a novel feeling to attract customers' attention. This is caused by the "bad habit" of liking the new and hating the old, which is a potential internal need in the depths of human heart

Mozi said, "food must always be full, then beauty, clothing must always be warm, then beauty, home must always be safe, and then joy." For commodities, first of all, at least people should get physiological needs and satisfaction from the material function of commodities, and then get aesthetic and psychological care from the spiritual function of products, and reflect self-esteem and achievement. As pierrejeros, a famous French semiotician, said, "in many cases, people are not buying specific goods, but looking for symbols of fashion, youth and success."

3) diversified demand for design development

throughout the development history of modern packaging design, from the promotion of color printing in the 1950s, it has experienced the Victorian packaging style of bold and colorful colors, but slightly thin and artificial, as well as the new art movement in the early 20th century, which advocated to absorb nutrition from natural and oriental culture, to the modernist design movement initiated by Bauhaus after the Second World War, which has the characteristics of simplicity The characteristics of waking up the door, opposing decoration, emphasizing functionality and rationality swept the world, and gradually evolved into an internationalist style of dominating the world. Mies van der Rohe put forward the principle of "less is more", which said that although it was architectural design, the same situation also occurred in packaging design. The packaging design in this period was simple in composition, neutral in color, highly functional and impersonal. This style adapted to the commercial characteristics of lack of materials, rapid economic development and internationalization after World War II, and brought huge social wealth. However, when people have been in a monotonous, uniform and impersonal environment for a long time, they begin to get tired of this kind of cool, handsome and rational style. In order to meet the changing and growing needs of consumers, some designers begin to abandon the shackles of this design trend and explore the decorative, changing, traditional and humane forms of packaging color expression. A series of designs emphasizing decoration and humanization, such as post-modernism, are in good luck, It has constantly aroused the appetite of consumers and is welcomed by consumers

2 color expression characteristics of humanized packaging

1) the unity of color functionality and entertainment

the functionality of packaging color is reflected in many aspects. It has the color use function for the purpose of highlighting the specific use value of commodities, such as red in drug packaging indicates nourishing and fitness, blue indicates anti-inflammatory and antipyretic, green indicates pain relieving and sedation, etc; It has the function of color image to convey commodity characteristics. For example, red and black are used as image colors for spicy food, and blue-green is used as image color for cool drinks; It also has the function of distinguishing different price grades and different categories of commodities in the series of products, as well as the marketing function and aesthetic function of stimulating consumer psychology. The humanized expression of packaging design color not only meets the above functional needs, but also meets the psychological needs of modern people for relaxation, humor and entertainment

a typical case is m m's (Mars company), which has dominated the chocolate market for many years by virtue of the popular "just melt in the mouth, not in the hand" advertisement. On the basis of traditional brown, it has launched red, yellow and green chocolates, attracting the largest consumer group of children. The encouraged m m, s connection has added orange beans, red beans (regression), blue beans and purple beans. With each new color added, the market sales will rise. According to the market survey, Mars obtained that the popularity of chocolate with different colors was 30% brown, 20% red and 20% yellow, 10% orange and 10% green respectively. Mars also bagged chocolate beans in strict accordance with this figure. The chocolate beans with colorful coats not only reflect the aesthetic function, but also cater to people's "play" children's psychology. Therefore, m, m and s have obtained rich returns from the market

2) the unity of Color Appeal and emotional demand

successful packaging color lies in actively using targeted appeal, strengthening the information to be transmitted through color performance, communicating and coordinating with consumers' emotional needs, so as to make consumers interested in commodity packaging and promote their purchase behavior. The balance between color appeal and emotional demand is often one of the reasons why consumers are happy to get rid of their pockets because of their favorite packaging

Coca Cola is positioned as the Qoo of children's fruit juice drinks. Among orange juice drinks with similar tastes, Coca Cola, with its big head light blue cartoon "queer", occupied 15% of the market share of fruit juice drinks in 2003. The light blue cartoon appeal is unified with the psychological needs of consumers to change the warm orange juice packaging. Through the simple blue virtual characters, Q00 queer has not only become an idol in the eyes of children, but also fascinated big friends of all ages

3) the unity of traditional color bow culture and market color

Chinese traditional color is based on the humanities. Art works pay attention to the inner experience of vivid charm and advocate the plain, natural, simple and profound artistic conception. Humanized packaging shows that local traditional color and market color complement each other. Jindaiqiang, a famous designer in Hong Kong, is successful not only because he has a first-class modern design consciousness and mind, but also because he has added many Chinese localized contents in his design, such as ink painting culture and Confucian culture, which makes his design works have an ethereal and indifferent Eastern ink painting artistic conception

4) the unity of thinking and consumer psychology of the impacted sample in the moment of impact by the hammer

"design is an activity to serve others." In order to design products that make consumers more satisfied, on the one hand, designers communicate with consumers

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