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On the "King" of LED open circuit protector, who will compete with this product

except for the new aluminum project of Matt, Zhaoming has fully entered the LED era and penetrated into all aspects of our life. With the continuous decline of LED cost and the increasing attention of governments around the world to energy conservation and environmental protection, the market prospect of LED lamps has become broader and broader. High brightness LED lamps have been widely used in household, commercial, industrial, automotive and other fields

as a very fragile device, LED will be threatened by thermal and mechanical shocks, as well as transient surge current shocks caused by lightning and electrostatic discharge (ESD). The driving power supply also faces the risk of being damaged by transient voltage, surge current and other problems. Due to the low voltage and small power of a single LED bulb, series or series parallel structure is often used in applications, and its power can be supplied from a few watts to hundreds of watts with constant current

however, this led lamp in series has a disadvantage. If one LED in series is open circuit, the whole lamp will not light up, which is very dangerous for the application of certain lamps (such as warning lamp, industrial and mining lamp, emergency lamp, etc.). In order to ensure that the LED lamp can be continuously lit when an LED is open circuit, it is very effective to use the LED open circuit protector, which can ensure the safety of the lamp. In addition, most of the LED drives are constant current source 6. After the LED is open circuit, a very high voltage will appear in the line, which may lead to breakdown of electrolytic capacitors, causing deflagration and causing potential safety hazards

one of the existing solutions is to adopt the existing protection devices in the market, such as MOV, TVs, etc; The other is that led driven IC integrates OVP overvoltage protection function, but this scheme may cause false triggering, resulting in continuous flashing. Therefore, many new ICS adopt OVP free protection schemes (such as bp2356x), which is the first solution

in the existing OVP protection circuits, Zener Diodes (including TVS), metal oxide varistors, silicon controlled rectifiers, explosion-proof electrolytic capacitors and other open circuit protectors are commonly used. However, these open circuit protectors have their own advantages and disadvantages:

zener diodes (including TVS): usually their size is smaller than SCR, and they have inherent defects that are difficult to solve. Short circuit may occur only after the power is exceeded to a certain extent. Before the short circuit, the device is clamped at high voltage for a long time. At this time, the device has to bear the same power as the original led, and it is seriously heated, which is easy to cause overheating failure of the surrounding led, and there are still potential safety hazards

metal oxide varistor (MOV): it is most suitable for relatively high-energy power line transients usually caused by lightning shocks and switches of large inductive loads. However, it is not fast enough to respond to low-voltage transients that may cause the failure of a single LED. Similar to zener diodes, it has a continuous over power heating process, and there are still potential safety hazards

silicon controlled rectifier (SCR): fast response, clamping at low voltage, good protection effect and recoverable. The disadvantage is that the cost is high, the circuit is complex, and a resistive voltage divider network is required to set the trigger voltage. SCR trigger voltage may vary considerably at different temperatures. In addition, the reverse blocking voltage is too high, so SCR cannot provide reverse polarity protection

explosion proof electrolytic capacitor: during protection, the explosion-proof electrolytic heating safety valve is opened, the electrolyte vaporizes and ejects slowly to release the pressure until it is exhausted, there is no sound during vaporization and ejection, and the circuit is disconnected; However, the high voltage in the circuit of explosion-proof electrolytic capacitor continues to exist, and the chemicals inside the capacitor will overflow into the circuit board, which is a potential safety hazard

since these open circuit protectors are not perfect, is there an open circuit protector with fast response, high sensitivity, good protection effect and low cost? The answer is yes. For LED applications, Changzhou Yinhe century Microelectronics Co., Ltd. introduced gp05/10 series LED open circuit protection diodes. Galaxy microelectronics is a leading enterprise in the field of semiconductor discrete devices. The company's products cover a full range of semiconductor devices, including more than 1000 varieties such as diodes, transistors, rectifier bridges, led beads, optocouplers, and special integrated circuits

gp05/10 series LED open circuit protection diode can provide over-voltage protection function superior to IC integration, and can completely avoid stroboscopic caused by misoperation. In addition, the gp05/10 series LED open circuit protection diode can be packaged in a small sod-123f, with a typical thickness of 0.98mm. It is an ideal choice for compact circuit boards

it is reported that gp05/10 series LED open circuit protection diodes can provide different withstand voltage gear selection between 5V and 250V, which can meet the protection application from single to multiple strings. When an open circuit fault occurs to an LED in the LED bead or string, it can provide a low-voltage path with low power consumption. Effectively protect electrolytic capacitors to avoid potential safety hazards such as cracking and burning. After the peripheral fault is eliminated and the power is turned on again, the function of the device can be restored automatically

gp05/10 series LED open circuit protection diode open circuit protection principle

Galaxy microelectronics introduced that it can also be connected in parallel with one or several LED lamp strings to provide bypass. When the LED in parallel is open circuit, Gp0 China's plastic machinery enterprises have expanded their development in emerging markets of extruders over the years. 5/10 series LED open circuit protection diodes can provide low-voltage channels to keep the whole lamp and other LED beads working normally and keep the whole lamp on. Compared with the current widely used zener diode in parallel, it has lower turn-on voltage, lower power consumption and higher efficiency

in addition, gp05/10 series LED open circuit protection diode adopts planar passivation technology, which has the characteristics of fast overvoltage response, strong transient surge absorption capacity, low on voltage, low high temperature leakage, and can complete overvoltage protection within 1ms (as shown in the figure below)

gp05/10 series LED open circuit protection diode production 5 The light bar has a self-locking function. The product has a simple structure and only two pins. During protection, it can clamp the low voltage of about 1.3V, which can achieve the same protection effect as the thyristor rectifier. The cost is low

in conclusion, compared with zener diode (including TVS), metal oxide varistor, controllable silicon rectifier, explosion-proof electrolytic capacitor and other open circuit protectors. Gp05/10 series LED open circuit protection diode has the following advantages:

1 Fast response and reliable protection. After protection, it is in a low power consumption state, which will not lead to overheating. After the abnormality is removed, the power restart function can be fully restored, reducing the maintenance cost

2. Avoid stroboscopic caused by misoperation of IC integrated protection function

3. It can provide bypass with low power consumption. When it is used for local protection, it can bypass local abnormal LED lamp beads to keep the whole lamp on

4. Small sod-123f package is available, with a typical thickness of 0.98mm, which is an ideal choice for compact circuit boards

5. Provide a variety of voltage gear selection to meet different application needs

6. Multiple protection, in addition to open circuit fault protection, it can also provide additional surge and ESD protection and reverse connection protection. The protection action will not cause any negative impact on the power supply

in view of the excellent performance and advantages of gp05/10 series LED open circuit protection diodes, the maintenance cost of LED lamps can be greatly reduced, the service life can be extended, and the brand value of products can be improved. The product can be applied to all applications from ordinary low-power LED lamps to industrial lighting, vehicle mounted, commercial lighting and road lighting LED lamps, especially for applications with safety requirements, high reliability and low maintenance rate

"at present, customers are mainly used for the protection of the whole string of lamp beads. The relative voltage is high (such as 95v, 115V, 210v, 240V, etc.), and many customers have purchased in large quantities after verification. Other voltage gears are in the process of serialization, such as 35V, 63v, etc., which have been developed and can be sampled. Low voltage products for single or several LED bypass protection are under development." The relevant person in charge of Galaxy microelectronics disclosed to senior engineer led

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