On the hottest new year's Eve, they celebrate the

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On New Year's Eve, they celebrated the new year in the belly of the shield machine. In 2017, the construction of Chengdu Metro was accelerated, and the scale under construction was upgraded to 400 kilometers, breaking the new high of the mileage of the experimental machine under construction of Chengdu Metro, which can be divided into a variety of product types according to different test samples. Under the huge blueprint of Chengdu Metro construction, it is the struggle and unremitting efforts of Chengdu Metro builders, regardless of winter, summer and holidays

although the Spring Festival is celebrated outside, only the builders have a deep understanding of the "belly" festival of shield tunneling

the jiaozi Avenue station of Metro Line 5 should be guarded whether the construction starts or not.

in winter, the cold wind blows up from the bottom layer of the 15 meter deep foundation pit, goes down the steps directly, and arrives at the tunnel mouth 10 minutes later. The huge noise is drawing people forward. It is getting louder and hotter. The shield machine is at the end of the tunnel

operator Zhengkai sits at the core of all this: the shield machine operation room. In a narrow iron sheet room more than one meter wide and threeorfour meters long, more than 100 data parameters are constantly jumping and changing, showing the operation status of this huge steel machine, The team leader Lian Caiyuan, who was guiding him, introduced it flatly: "this (shield machine) is the main machine responsible for tunneling in the subway construction. This machine has tens of millions of people. Professionals are required to guard it here whether it starts or not. This is to maintain machinery and ensure construction safety."

wanted to call home but no signal

I have been working for more than 8 years. The training park has been guarding the shield machine for 3 Spring Festival. Now the old and new operators have replaced, and younger operators have taken over the hard work. "It is more difficult to be on duty than to start work during the holidays..." start the shield regularly every day to check the status of various parameters, "It buzzed for a while. After looking at the machine and the excavation face (the working face in front of the tunnel excavation), there was no problem, and then it was turned off. There was no sound around, only the fans were whirring." At this time, on the ground, thousands of families are happy and warm. Sometimes, I also want to call my family, "unfortunately, there is no signal under the ground." Speaking of the scene, the garden shook its head and smiled, and then added: "in fact, it's not cold under the ground, but it's a little lonely."

"from algae and moss crusts for tensile strength, we mention that he and the universal experimental machine are one model. The microorganisms that are most suitable for crusts can eat hard and endure loneliness.

compared with the team leader who is away from home, Zheng Kai, a" novice "who has just entered the industry for three years, is luckier." I am from Chengdu, and I am closer to home. " However, he has only one day holiday for the Spring Festival this year. During the interview, "the schedule for the Spring Festival has not come out yet. I wonder if I can go home for new year's Eve." But listen to his calm tone, should be ready to stick to it? "If it's me on New Year's Eve, I'll keep it well." As a shield operator, "we should not only understand the technology, work hard, but also endure loneliness." Captain Lian Caiyuan said so

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