Jiangxi Province issued nearly 6 subsidies for agr

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Jiangxi Province has issued a subsidy fund of nearly 600million yuan for the purchase of agricultural machinery in 2018

Jiangxi Province will formulate the implementation plan for the purchase of agricultural machinery in 2018-2020 in accordance with the principles of overall stability, more standardization and more pertinence, which will include more green and environmental friendly agricultural machinery such as straw comprehensive utilization and animal manure treatment facilities, and start the purchase subsidy of agricultural machinery in 2018 as soon as possible to serve agricultural production

it is understood that the subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery in Jiangxi Province has been implemented smoothly. Last year, the province completed the subsidy fund for the spray foaming process for industrialization. If the pressure is found to be less than 616.8 million yuan, 95.4% of the task of increasing the subsidy fund can be seen everywhere in the year will be completed. 49254 sets of various machines and tools will be subsidized, benefiting 44395 farmers

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