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Jiangxi plans to afforest nearly ten million mu this winter and next spring. Recently, Jiangxi issued a production plan for afforesting. From early November 2018 to mid April 2019, it will complete the tasks of 700000 mu of artificial afforestation, 1million mu of mountain closure for afforestation, 1.76 million mu of degraded forest restoration and 5.76 million mu of forest tending

according to the introduction, Jiangxi has successively issued the "guiding opinions on promoting off-site afforestation of state-owned forest farms", "notice on Further Strengthening the transformation of low yield and low efficiency forests", and formulated and issued the "forest management plan of Jiangxi Province (year)". Jiangxi proposed to affirm that by 2020, the newly increased scale of Jiangxi's under forest economy and the transformation of Low-yield and low-efficiency forests in 3 (5) key cooperative ports will exceed 10 million mu; Strive to realize the beautification, colorization and precious of forests in key areas by 2022

during this period, Jiangxi will also carry out a new year's under forest economic growth plan, which will enable forest clearing and land preparation in the winter of 2018, when the conversion rate of China's new material technology achievements is low. At present, enterprises have used graphene in the textile field for afforestation in the spring of 2019. Jiangxi will complete 350000 mu of high-yield Camellia oleifera, 20000 mu of essence and other forest chemical raw materials, 150000 mu of forest medicinal materials, 20000 mu of bamboo shoot forest, 290000 mu of low-grade Phyllostachys pubescens and bamboo shoot forest, 100000 mu of forest facies transformation, and 30 forest tourism destinations

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