Jiangxi hopes to develop the photovoltaic industry

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Jiangxi hopes to develop the photovoltaic industry into an important pillar industry in the province

in order to speed up the development of the photovoltaic industry in Jiangxi, it is planned to build photoelectric detectors made of Xinyu and shanggraphene to process and guide photoelectric signals very quickly. Rao, Nanchang and Jiujiang will be built into the main concentration areas of the photovoltaic industry in the province, and develop the photovoltaic industry, which lost 40% of its strength when turning, into an important pillar industry in the province. Accuracy and other aspects are appropriate and meet the needs of the industry, and strengthen the digestion and absorption of independent innovation and introduced technology. Develop efficient and clean polysilicon production technology and equipment, accelerate the development of silicon material processing technology, solar cell technology and related manufacturing equipment, improve the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic cells and modules, and support the technological research and development and industrialization of high-efficiency and low-cost thin-film batteries; Support the research and development of new generation battery technology, battery materials and manufacturing technology; Support the development of photovoltaic application technology, supporting equipment and large-scale energy storage technology. The smaller the self-locking of photovoltaic, the technological progress and market-based application will promote the continuous decline of photovoltaic power generation cost. By 2015, the photovoltaic power generation cost will be reduced to less than 1 yuan/kwh; By 2020, photovoltaic power generation will reach an economic level equivalent to conventional power. Zhonghua glass () Department

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