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Promoting transformation and upgrading Jiangxi should develop producer services

wushiwei, chairman of Jiangxi Fuzhou Shuangling magnetic materials Co., Ltd., recently told that in recent years, Jiangxi Province has made new breakthroughs in industrial development under the new normal by vigorously implementing the strategy of strengthening the province through industry, and the supporting producer services have also made considerable progress, but limited by the stage and level of development, it is also an indisputable fact that the development of producer services is relatively lagging behind, It is mainly reflected in "low level, weak demand and weak guidance"

Wu Shiwei said that producer services is a service industry aimed at maintaining the continuity of industrial production, promoting industrial technological progress and industrial upgrading, and improving production efficiency. It is the focus of today's industrial international competition and the main value-added point in the global value chain. It is also a breakthrough to promote the transformation of China's economic growth mode and structural upgrading

the current problems of producer services in Jiangxi Province are small economic aggregate, few enterprises and narrow service scope. Mainly concentrated in the trade industry, the traditional transportation industry has developed rapidly, and the construction of logistics parks and professional markets are also actively promoted, but the development of professional technical services, intermediary and information services is not fast

due to the small scale of most enterprises in Jiangxi Province, the large number of primary processed products and the low level of industrial agglomeration, in addition to the large demand for goods transportation, the outsourcing business volume of other productive services is small. Such as market research, development and design and brand building, the overall demand of individual enterprises and industries is not booming. In addition, trademark 5 Each time when entering the procedure, intermediary information services such as accounting audit, legal consultation, employment guidance and vocational education, and the purchase of socialized services carried out by relevant government departments and institutions, regardless of the scale or scope of services, are very limited

in addition, there is a lack of planning guidance and incentive policies, insufficient construction of public service platforms and a shortage of high-quality talents. At the same time, the investment attraction for the development of producer services is insufficient. In recent years, in promoting the development of modern service industry, all regions have paid more attention to the business and tourism service industry. For the investment attraction of producer services, there is a relative lack of incentive policies and resource allocation

accelerating development boosts industrial transformation and upgrading

the reasons for this phenomenon are various.

Wu Shiwei suggested that Jiangxi Province should accelerate the development of producer services, thereby boosting industrial transformation and upgrading. For example, we should highlight planning guidance and expand market demand. For the positioning of producer services, all regions should not only be based on the needs of local leading characteristic industries, but also take the initiative to support the advanced manufacturing industry in the surrounding areas according to the coordinated development trend of regional economy, clarify the service industry that should be supported in the future, formulate medium and long-term development plans and strategic measures, and mobilize and integrate resources from all walks of life through planning guidance. At present, we should pay close attention to the planning and construction of modern logistics, e-commerce and other new service industries, strive to reduce business operation costs and improve market share

industrial agglomeration should be accelerated. On the one hand, we should accelerate the agglomeration of manufacturing industry, promote the scale and level of manufacturing industry, and expand the market demand of service industry. Engineering plastic products and composite materials have become the main force of making money. On the other hand, we should accelerate the agglomeration of service industries. Producer services are knowledge intensive industries. The key to accelerating the development of producer services lies in the gathering of high-quality talents. We should create a depression for high-quality talents by setting up small and micro technology incubation parks and college students' Entrepreneurship parks

we should strengthen policy support and intensify the upsurge of entrepreneurship. For example, promote the outsourcing of productive services. Encourage state organs, enterprises and institutions and social organizations to market services that can be provided by the society, implement public bidding or entrust social intermediary agents, and give priority to the purchase of enterprise service products in this city under the same conditions; We will intensify efforts to attract investment in producer services. Encourage the introduction of well-known domestic and foreign producer service enterprises and multinational companies to Jiangxi to set up branches, research and development centers, procurement training bases, etc., and give the same preferential policies to the manufacturing industry for the investment attraction of producer services; Accelerate the cultivation of local service institutions. In combination with the implementation of the provincial enterprise management upgrading project and the activity of "sending management into enterprises", we should pay close attention to cultivating a number of institutions engaged in enterprise management consulting services, especially encouraging universities and scientific research institutions in the province to cooperate with industrial parks or large enterprises in the province to carry out management and technical services such as enterprise management consulting; We will increase fiscal and tax support for producer services. We will effectively implement the state's preferential tax policies for the development of the service industry. Provincial and municipal governments should set up guidance funds for producer services, focusing on supporting technological innovation and brand cultivation of producer services enterprises; Expand investment and financing channels for producer services. Producer service enterprises are encouraged to use trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights as the link to carry out cross regional and cross industry mergers and acquisitions through intellectual property pledge financing. Guide and encourage financial institutions to provide credit support to productive service enterprises that meet the policy of "national industry", which is addressed by Shi Feng, Secretary General of China Forest Products Industry Association, and Fu Feng, director of the Institute of wood industry, Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences

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