Jiangxi announced the list of unqualified interior

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Jiangxi announced the list of unqualified interior wall coating products

Jiangxi announced the list of unqualified interior wall coating products small metal tungsten, antimony, titanium, zirconium, cobalt rose slightly

January 14, 2003

on January 12, Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision announced the recent quality inspection report on the provincial product quality supervision and spot check of interior wall coating, with a sampling pass rate of 94.6%, The results show that the quality of interior wall coatings sold on the market in Jiangxi Province is better than

, but citizens should pay attention to the fact that the formaldehyde content and volatile organic compounds content of individual products are higher than

interior wall coatings are mainly used for interior decoration. This time, Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of quality supervision focused on inspecting the limit of harmful substances in products, and a total of 74 batches of products produced by 70 enterprises were spot checked, Four batches of nonconforming products were found. Although the interior wall coating products sold in Jiangxi Province are of good quality, there are also some problems. The free formaldehyde content of three batches of products exceeds the requirements of national mandatory standards. Formaldehyde is a colorless, strong smelling irritant

gas. Its impact on human health is mainly manifested in stimulating eyes and respiratory tract, causing olfactory allergy, abnormal lung function, impaired immune function, etc. when its concentration is 0.06 ~ 0.07mg per cubic meter, children will develop asthma. The international

cancer research agency has identified it as a suspected carcinogen in human beings. The quality supervision personnel also found that the content of volatile organic compounds in a few products exceeded the standard. The volatile organic compounds were genotoxic and irritated the eyes and respiratory tract. The total amount exceeding the standard would cause the immune system disorder of the human body, affect the function of the central nervous system, and cause dizziness, headache, sore throat,

sleepiness, chest tariffs of 25% stuffy, fatigue and other symptoms

list of some unqualified interior wall coating products

1 Carroll paint franchise store Guangzhou Meiwei coating Co., Ltd. advanced matte emulsion paint 18kg/barrel, such as GB8624 ⑴ 997 version

2 Wangwang paint line China Italy United coating Co., Ltd. intumescent fire retardant coating zpckg/barrel operation barrel easy

3 Nanchang supply and marketing commercial decoration building Materials Corporation Guangdong Nanhai West China Industry Co., Ltd. Xili environmental protection exterior wall paint 18L/barrel xx4400

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