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Jieshifeitong Jiang Yanchun: open the door of video communication innovation with concentration

as the first batch of domestic researchers engaged in IP based video conferencing products, Jiang Yanchun has been working hard in the video field. In his words, he has been doing video communication for nearly 20 years

After graduating from Tsinghua University in 1997, Jiang Yanchun chose to come to Shenzhen to join Huawei, engaged in the research and development of audio and video multimedia products, and then embarked on the road of entrepreneurship

maybe my personality is a little restless, and then I want to do something more challenging. Jiang Yanchun said with a smile

in 2008, Jiang Yanchun and a group of industry veterans jointly established jetfitcom Technology Co., Ltd. and served as CEO

after several years of development, at present, Jieshi Feitong is in the leading position in the domestic industry in the two major fields of video conference and mobile command

in the field of video conferencing, especially the domestic manufacturers' aluminum profiles are still facing great pressure of transformation. In this field, jetsky can rank among the top three. Mobile command is an emerging market, and we can also be regarded as the leader of the industry. Jiang Yanchun confidently pointed out

Jiangyanchun, CEO of getv Feitong

in 2016, getv Feitong achieved quite a lot, which was recognized by a large number of government users, including the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the State Administration of work safety, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the Confidential Bureau of the Xinjiang Party committee, the Beijing municipal procuratorate, the Beijing food and drug administration, Wuhan Public Security Bureau, Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, Guizhou emergency office, Guizhou Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce, Shandong Oceanic Administration, etc

we have created a cloud platform for mobile visual law enforcement for the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China. The results of the quality supervision bureaus in various regions have triggered two pairs of friction forces and corresponding moments. The law enforcement team will conduct remote command and communication, law enforcement and evidence collection, and deal with emergencies through the law enforcement terminal and law enforcement software of jetsky. The entire system of mobile law enforcement and emergency rescue of the State Administration of work safety is also provided by jetfitcom. In addition, Guizhou emergency office has installed our video conference and mobile command emergency rescue system from all departments and bureaus of provinces, prefectures, cities and counties

maintaining innovation and focus is the key to success.

JIANG Yanchun attributed the success secret of jetsky to adhering to innovation and maintaining focus

we are not simply pursuing new technologies or new concepts, but innovation close to users. Really go deep into the user site, understand user needs, find user pain points, solve problems for them, and always focus on the video field

in the past 2016, Jieshi Feitong launched the sealing machine, and the rising market demand has strengthened the revolutionary innovative product mcv5000, which integrates conference recording and broadcasting, video matrix, central control, small MCU, digital audio processor and conference terminal. For users, only one device is needed to hold a video conference, so as to obtain a better use experience at a lower cost

we hope to take integration as the design concept and truly create value for users. In the past, users can do anything they can't do. It's very inconvenient to take and place samples. What used to require many systems to complete, now one system is done. Moreover, users can also connect it with their own business systems to achieve further integration

Jiang Yanchun takes the Beijing procuratorate as an example. The original Procuratorate's own business software, app and database are two independent systems with the mobile single soldier system. When using the mobile single soldier system to perform tasks, it is necessary to retrieve the data of the business system, resulting in the continuous switching between the two systems, which is very troublesome to use

our system can be integrated with the business software of the procuratorate and the mobile terminal in the form of middleware. Now as long as there is an app, an interface and a set of software, it becomes very convenient when going out to enforce the law, which is also very recognized by users. It can be said that we are the best and the earliest in China

in order to further maintain its innovative competitiveness, getv also provides customized solutions for the needs of the industry, such as the ten in one solution released for the education industry, which integrates the functions of the original 10 devices, such as video matrix, recording and broadcasting, central control, video conference terminal, video conference MCU, etc

also, only one device is needed to realize application scenarios such as boutique classroom, recording and broadcasting classroom, and remote interactive teaching. It greatly simplifies the deployment and application of educational informatization, which can be easily used by ordinary teachers

Innovation Ecosystem: in addition to product centered innovation, another major focus of jetfield is innovation in channel cooperation mode, that is, jetfield business partners

we focus on doing our products well, but we also need cooperation to sell good things. Compared with the traditional channel distribution cooperation mode, we hope to build a sustainable ecosystem. Drive the success of jetfield partners through the development of jetfield

Jiang Yanchun revealed that at present, there have been many partners, from the first few people to dozens of people today, with a business scale of tens of millions every year, which has truly realized the growth and expansion together with jetsky

the circle we build is similar to the EMBA Alumni Association. We have not only simple interests, but also common undertakings and values. We fully trust and support each other, and cooperation leads to win-win results

is AI going to be popular with video communication

in order to achieve domestic leadership, Jiang Yanchun's goal is to target the world

in the end, I hope that JETCO can become a world-class Chinese enterprise in the field of multimedia communication, and go global on behalf of made in China and created in China

for this reason, in the new year, jetsky will start overseas expansion and expand its footprint to Asia, Africa, Latin America and even Europe and the United States

we still focus on video conferencing and mobile command, and are committed to creating globally competitive products

at present, AI, which is particularly popular, has become a major research and development focus of jetsky

the next generation products we are building now will introduce some emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and big data, into the field of video communication

in Jiang Yanchun's view, command itself is a process of analysis and decision-making, and artificial intelligence and big data can assist field personnel to make decision-making and analysis more accurate and efficient

with the development of artificial intelligence, I believe this area will have broad prospects and bring disruptive innovation to the industry. It will cooperate with universities such as the University of defense technology and Tsinghua University, as well as high-tech companies in Silicon Valley of the United States. It will also set up a Chengdu Research Institute in Chengdu to specialize in the research and development of artificial intelligence and big data, and attract more talents at the same time. Jiang Yanchun finally said

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