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Jiang Weiming, President of DSM, talked about the current situation of the chemical industry and worried about it.

"we all have the sustained and healthy development of the chemical industry. The chemical industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and at the same time, it has also paid a great price, consuming a lot of energy and resources, which has become a barrier for the development of various industries at present. Therefore, warm up for 2 minutes; advocating innovative development models, paying attention to and encouraging research and development is the foundation of the healthy and sustainable development of the chemical industry." Dr. Jiang Weiming, President of DSM (China), expressed his concern about the current situation of the chemical industry and his understanding of the healthy and sustainable development of the chemical industry from the bottom of his heart

Dr. Jiang Weiming, President of DSM (China)

JIANG Weiming said that although the extensive mode of production has kept China's GDP growing over the past 30 years, we have also paid a high price for resource overdraft and environmental pollution. At present, many products in the chemical industry are in surplus. It is not allowed to continue to blindly develop traditional chemical products. In the future, the development of chemical industry should change from the increase of quantity to the improvement of quality, which is a top priority. To achieve sustainable and healthy development, China should learn to use limited resources to generate greater benefits, learn to change the development mode through innovative thinking, and develop in the direction of less energy and resources consumption, safe ecological environment, high product quality and added value, and great contribution to social development. All enterprises should think about how to realize the transformation of development mode in the new international environment

Royal DSM group of the Netherlands, with a development history of more than 100 years, is an enterprise that initially engaged in mining, set foot in the petrochemical industry in the 1970s, and today develops to life science, material science and biotechnology. Jiang Weiming pointed out that DSM also gradually clarified its strategic positioning and development direction after several repetitions. The development process recorded the track of constantly changing the development mode from low to high, from coarse to fine, from quantity to quality. This is the reason why DSM maintains its prosperity and the reason why he loves DSM

2012, despite the extremely challenging economic environment, DSM made significant progress in many fields, with excellent performance in materials science business and stronger development in life science. The annual EBITDA was 1.109 billion euros, of which nutrition business accounted for about 70%, becoming a global business with high corporate value. DSM achieved sales of US $1.7 billion in China. Among DSM's global businesses, high growth economies accounted for 38% of sales, and China is an important part of high growth economies

at present, DSM has 26 production sites in China, and has not stopped its investment and R & D investment in China. The pace of mergers and acquisitions, production and innovation is still strong. Last year, DSM invested about 120million yuan to build a world-class animal nutrition research and development center in Bazhou City, Hebei Province; In Shandong Zibo High Tech Development Zone, DSM and Sinochem Group have jointly established Sinochem DSM Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. a new semi synthetic cephalosporin (SSC) device developed by using proprietary biotechnology has been put into operation at the beginning of this year, which has greatly reduced energy consumption, waste output and waste impact experimental machine application method 1 gas emission, and made great contributions to environmental sustainable development. DSM care and social public welfare have never stopped, holding "colorful experience" world trip charity activities in six major cities in China; The agreement on Financing hungry children in poor areas of the world will be extended to 2015, and the number of beneficiaries will increase from 15million to 25million to 30million per year in the future

DSM has always adhered to the core values of sustainable development. In the past three years, DSM has gradually transformed from raw material chemical business to core businesses such as life science, material science, nutrition and food additives and intermediates. "If DSM only stays in the production of raw materials, it may be difficult to have today's development. The business we advocate now, whether fine chemicals or special chemical materials, pursues the high-end development of products and the upgrading of downstream industries, and turns raw materials into new products needed by all mankind and high-quality products needed by ordinary people." Jiang Weiming said

in the future, China will be one of the countries with the largest growth potential among the world's high growth economies. DSM is optimistic about the future development of the Chinese market. Jiang Weiming believed that the 18th CPC National Congress encouraged the development of the real economy and small and medium-sized enterprises, which provided opportunities for enterprises to become better and stronger and provided a basic guarantee for the high growth of foreign-funded enterprises in China. DSM will continue to promote the healthy and sustainable development of its core business in China

in the field of new materials, DSM focuses on the development of functional materials with strong substitutes. After strengthening, new plastics can gradually replace metal and wood, and is striving to develop new materials used in the fields of, computer, aerospace and navigation; Substitute low-carbon and low resource consuming materials for traditional materials with high energy consumption, resource consumption and high carbon emissions; Manufacturing functional polymers and sub polymer substitutes with high strength and wide application; In response to people's livelihood issues of concern, such as food safety, health nutrition, atmospheric haze, etc., provide pharmaceutical intermediates, food additives, health care products that reassure the government and the public, promote the safe development of animal husbandry, and ensure the life and health of the public

Jiang Weiming said that with the good economic environment in 2013, DSM headquarters will continue to support DSM's development in China. A series of actions will be taken for investment and business expansion in China, supporting major investment mergers and acquisitions in business, promoting a number of investment expansion projects in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Jilin, Shandong, Hebei, Sichuan and other places, and implementing a number of projects in key areas such as new materials and nutrition. In the field of research and development, we will work closely with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, Chengdu and other universities on feed research centers, new materials, photovoltaic and other green industries. In 2013, businesses in all sectors will achieve comprehensive and sustained growth, and safety and environmental protection will reach a new level. DSM has always adhered to its long-term development goals. By 2015, its sales in China will reach US $3billion and its cumulative investment will reach US $1billion

Jiang Weiming hopes to get more support from the Chinese government to provide policy support and opportunities for fair competition for the development of foreign-funded enterprises in China in terms of resource allocation, industry access, national projects, etc. with an open attitude and inclusive attitude, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of foreign-funded enterprises, support economic transformation, and support technology innovation to ensure fair information disclosure

DSM pursues "colorful technology and a better life", and will echo it strategically and innovatively around shaping a beautiful China. Through innovative technology and products, we will adhere to the healthy and sustainable development in China and make DSM better

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