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Corrugated board and honeycomb paperboard

in recent years, with the growing demand for environmental protection, consumers have higher and higher requirements for cushioning packaging materials. Due to the serious environmental pollution, corrugated cardboard and honeycomb cardboard are widely used in the market. However, because honeycomb paperboard has the advantages of reasonable structure, light weight and high strength, corrugated paperboard is regarded as a competitor. In fact, corrugated board and honeycomb board have their own advantages and disadvantages, so how they will develop in the future is a problem worth thinking about

characteristics of corrugated paperboard

corrugated paperboard is a widely used board that uses paper instead of wood, especially for commodity packaging. According to the shape of corrugated, it can be divided into u, V and UV corrugated

according to the cross-section structure of the corrugated layer, it can be divided into five kinds of corrugated cardboard: A, B, C, D and E. According to the number of corrugated layers, it can also be divided into one layer, two layers, three layers, five layers and seven layers of cardboard (that is, triple corrugated cardboard). The main features of corrugated cardboard are:

(1) corrugated cartons made of corrugated cardboard are usually transported in the form of folding or tiling, which is convenient for handling, improves transportation efficiency and saves storage space

(2) the production cost of corrugated cardboard packaging box is low, and materials are saved

(3) it has high strength and good cushioning performance, which can avoid the collision and impact of the packed goods, and is especially suitable for the transportation and packaging of machinery, electromechanical and other heavy products

(4) the production of corrugated boxes can be carried out on highly mechanized, automated and efficient equipment, with high work efficiency

characteristics of honeycomb paperboard

honeycomb paperboard is made according to the principle of honeycomb structure in nature. It is a new kind of environmental protection and energy-saving material with sandwich structure, which connects corrugated base paper into countless hollow three-dimensional regular hexagons by glue bonding method, forms an integral stress-bearing part - paper core, and binds face paper on both sides. The main characteristics of honeycomb paperboard are:

(1) light weight, less materials and low cost. Compared with other board structures, honeycomb sandwich structure has the largest strength/mass ratio, so the performance/price ratio of its finished products is good, which is the key to the success of honeycomb paperboard

(2) high strength, flat surface, not easy to deform. Honeycomb sandwich structure is nearly isotropic, with good structural stability and not easy to deform. Its outstanding compressive capacity and bending resistance are the most important characteristics required by box packaging materials

(3) good impact resistance and cushioning. Honeycomb paperboard is made of flexible paper core and face paper, which has good toughness and resilience. "Representatives of Mongolian entrepreneurs such as harumbat, batbayar and erdenbat expressed more specific wishes. The unique honeycomb sandwich structure provides excellent cushioning performance, and has higher energy absorption per unit volume in all cushioning materials, The honeycomb paperboard with high thickness can replace the EPS plastic foam cushion that has been widely used

(4) sound absorption and heat insulation. The honeycomb sandwich structure is a closed chamber filled with air, so it has good sound insulation and heat preservation performance

(5) no pollution, in line with the trend of modern environmental protection. Honeycomb paperboard is all made of recycled paper, which can be 100% recycled after use

the waste products and leftover materials in the production process of corrugated boxes can also be die-cut and bonded to make honeycomb corrugated cardboard cushion liners of various shapes. Even if they are not used, they can also be degraded and absorbed by nature. They are good green packaging materials. In European and American countries, the wood packaging required for goods imported from China must be fumigated, and honeycomb paperboard, as a new environmental protection material, can fully meet the packaging requirements of European and American countries for goods imported from China

the development of corrugated board structure has reached its limit

after nearly 150 years of efforts and practice worldwide, corrugated board technology has been continuously deepened. Now the development of corrugated board has reached its limit, which is specifically reflected in:

(1) the corrugated specification is basically finalized. The corrugated structure has types A, B, C and e. the corrugated boxes produced are mainly used for the packaging of corrugated color printing cartons. It has become common sense to choose the appropriate type of corrugated board according to different corrugated board requirements

(2) the production of corrugated boxes has been mechanized. Since the British invented corrugated, the production of corrugated boxes has developed from the original manual production to automatic production. The quality and style of products have fully met the requirements of market users for corrugated boxes

(3) marketization of corrugated box production. Corrugated box production has fully entered the market. At present, the carton industry has formed a specialized division of labor of "centralized board making" and "decentralized box making". In the future, all we need to do is to improve the level of specialized division of labor

(4) the supply and demand of corrugated boxes are seriously surplus. Corrugated box industry has been ahead of the speed of economic development

corrugated technology is not a sophisticated science, and the process from corrugated machinery manufacturing to corrugated box production is not very complex. After the high-end corrugated production line and advanced post printing slotting machinery are put into use, there is a surplus of supply and demand of corrugated boxes. For the first-time use of raw materials, new processes, new formulas and new types of equipment, there are too many equipment, insufficient operation, fierce competition, low efficiency and industry turbulence, resulting in a serious surplus of corrugated box production for a long time. Some people say that corrugated boxes have strong vitality, and corrugated boxes occupy an important position in the whole packaging. However, we must recognize the reality that after a century and a half of development, corrugated technology has entered the old age, and we must seek new vitality

the development of honeycomb paperboard structure is difficult

the development technology of honeycomb paperboard in China began in the 1980s. After more than ten years of efforts, China's honeycomb paperboard technology has made a breakthrough. However, although the development prospect of honeycomb paperboard in China is promising, the problem cannot be ignored. There is still a big gap between the development of honeycomb paperboard and corrugated paperboard. At present, there are mainly the following problems restricting the development of Honeycomb Paperboard: first, there is still a big gap between the integrity, stability, processing accuracy and appearance quality of China's honeycomb paperboard production line and the foreign advanced level. The degree of automation of production equipment is low, and some processes are still operated manually, resulting in low production efficiency. In particular, honeycomb paperboard products are also suitable for the tensile strength experiment of flexible parts such as steel ropes, wires, hooks, chains, etc. the processing equipment is relatively simple, and some are even blank

the processing level of molding technology is an important link to ensure the quality of paper honeycomb products. The molding process of honeycomb paperboard and corrugated paperboard is different. The former requires high requirements and is difficult. The processes such as indentation, die cutting, slotting, edge banding, bonding, ell, ~0 and carton ordering of corrugated cardboard can be solved on mechanical equipment. However, there are still problems in the product forming process of honeycomb cardboard, such as indentation, edge banding, moisture resistance, flatness and smoothness. The honeycomb cardboard products produced have rough surfaces, poor colors and insufficient grades, which are difficult to achieve standardization and serialization and meet the needs of users. Therefore, honeycomb paperboard molding technology is still an important factor to suppress the development of honeycomb paperboard. In addition, the waterproof and moisture-proof problems of honeycomb paperboard have not been well solved. The strength of the packing boxes and pallets made of honeycomb paperboard is weakened after being affected with moisture and cannot withstand impact and vibration. In terms of the ability to resist the invasion of foreign objects, corrugated paper needs higher accuracy to ensure that H-guide plate is several times higher than honeycomb paperboard. Moreover, honeycomb paperboard is difficult to box, and there is no suitable supporting equipment, so it is difficult to produce cartons on a large scale

second, market problems. At present, the market of honeycomb paperboard is still relatively vague. The first thing that affects the development of the market is the price. The price of honeycomb paperboard is actually not much cheaper than that of wooden packaging; There is also the problem of substitute wood effect that affects the market. Honeycomb paperboard is mainly used for pallets and cushion liners, while technical problems such as waterproof and moisture-proof have not been well solved, affecting the use effect

third, poor sense of operation and service. Some paper honeycomb enterprises are eager for quick success and instant benefits, short-sighted, low management level, not only do not pay attention to product quality, exaggerate hype, shoddy, and do not pay attention to after-sales service, can not provide customers with timely technical and technological support, resulting in adverse effects

performance comparison between corrugated board and honeycomb board

corrugated board and honeycomb board with the same face paper and core paper, the same amount of paper, and the same adhesive between the core layer and the face paper are tested

standardization specified by the data:

(1) the flat compression strength of honeycomb paperboard is much higher than that of corrugated paperboard, and under the condition of a certain amount of consumables, the flat compression strength of honeycomb paperboard decreases with the increase of aperture

(2) the lateral compressive strength of honeycomb paperboard decreases with the increase of pore size; The lateral compressive strength of corrugated paperboard is much higher than that of honeycomb paperboard, while the lateral compressive strength is lower than that of honeycomb paperboard

(3) the bending strength of honeycomb paperboard is higher than that of corrugated paperboard, and its bending strength increases with the increase of aperture

(4) the peel strength of corrugated paperboard is higher than that of honeycomb paperboard; The peel strength of honeycomb paperboard increases with the decrease of pore size

(5) there is basically no big difference in puncture strength between honeycomb paperboard and corrugated paperboard

from the above analysis, it can be seen that corrugated board and honeycomb board have reached their limits, and the other is difficult, so we must develop a new world. If corrugated board and honeycomb board are used together, the advantages of corrugated board and honeycomb board can be brought into play, and the side compression strength and flat compression strength of its composite board can be improved. In addition, when making the packing box, if the corrugated box is used as the box, and the upper and lower walls of the box are padded with honeycomb cardboard, the shockproof, compression resistance, heat preservation, puncture resistance and bearing capacity of the packing box can be improved. Therefore, at this stage, corrugated board and honeycomb board should not become competitors to each other, but should become partners in production and application

corrugated board and honeycomb board have their own advantages. To sum up, the advantages of corrugated board are: strong strength, mature products and strong talents, but the enterprise has excess production and urgently needs to develop new markets. The advantages of honeycomb paperboard are: large market, new products and good benefits, but the enterprise is small, slow development and many difficulties. We hope to get strong support from the corrugated paperboard industry. Therefore, the two should be combined, complementary advantages and common development, which is the inevitable trend of scientific development. (end)

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