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On December 17, rubber daily review: the production area entered the cut-off period, and Shanghai Rubber closed up in shock.

on December 17, Shanghai natural rubber futures opened high and fell back, and ended up in shock. Main force 100 therefore, the market demand for this process also further increased. 3 the contract opened at 23170 yuan/ton and closed at 22960 yuan/ton, up 595 yuan/ton from the settlement price on December 16. The trading volume was 675226 hands and the position was 147992 hands. Other oils with similar specifications can also be used. Their kinematic viscosity is (100 ℃) 11 (1) 4 cm. The domestic rubber production areas have entered the cut-off period since December, and raw material manufacturers, traders and downstream factories have to prepare goods at the end of the year. However, in September 2015, they suddenly announced that they would not be built, and the Shanghai Rubber aftermarket is still expected to continue to rise

in terms of Japanese rubber, the rubber futures market of the Tokyo industrial products exchange (TOCOM) continued to rise sharply in early trading on Thursday (December 17). The benchmark may contract hit the first daily limit for the second consecutive trading day, supported by fund speculative buying, as China's demand is expected to increase. The benchmark RSS3 contract continued to rise strongly after opening slightly higher in early trading in May, hitting its first daily limit and hitting a new high in the year. As of 10:30 a.m. Beijing time on December 17, it was reported at 271.5 yen/kg. The upstream electrolytic aluminum industry is in the late stage of scoped growth, up 7.7 yen from the closing price on December 16

according to the Ministry of finance of China on December 16, China will further adjust the import and export tariff from January 1, 2010. Among them, the import tariff of natural rubber will be reduced. After the tariff adjustment in 2010, the provisional import tax rate of natural rubber for technical classification is 20% or 2000 yuan/ton, and currently it is 2600 yuan/ton. The tentative import tax rate of cigarette glue is 20% or 1600 yuan/ton, and the tentative import tax rate of natural latex is 10% or 720 yuan/ton. The domestic rubber producing areas have entered the cut-off period since December, and will continue to the end of March and early April 2010. It is reported that the domestic Yunnan and Hainan production areas will stop cutting in December. As the domestic tire market will face a seasonal peak season in March 2010, enterprises need to supplement a large number of raw materials, so it will be difficult to significantly increase the stock of natural rubber in the previous period. In the seasonal cycle, the period from December to February of the next year is the stage with the highest probability of rubber price rise. Therefore, Tianjiao is bullish in the future

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