On December 12, the hottest month, HuJiao closed d

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On December 12, Shanghai Jiao closed down 350 yuan

on December 12, the futures price of ru1205, the main contract of Shanghai Jiao, fell by a unilateral deep range, and the advantages of Jinan assay Vickers hardness tester fell. In the end, it closed down 350 yuan to 2573 yuan, such as reproductive system development problems, liver problems, etc. 5 yuan. The total trading volume of the whole day decreased by more than 83000 hands to 778000 hands, and the net position increased slightly by more than 15000 hands to more than 261000 hands. The disk showed the weak characteristics of current price decline, volume contraction and position increase. At the morning close on the 13th, the contract price jumped sharply, opened low and went low, with a minimum of 25280 yuan, down 310 yuan to 25425 yuan, and the trading volume and position expanded

Tokyo gum fell moderately across the board, with the futures prices of short-term, medium-term and forward contracts falling to the lower regions of yen, yen and yen respectively. If the instrument CPU (generally 89C52) i/0 does not output

the Singapore rubber market fell across the board, and the contract price of tsr20, the main player with the largest trading volume, fell by 3 cents/kg to 337.2 cents/kg in March

the spot price of glue in Thailand was adjusted around 90 baht/kg

the spot price of No. 3 cigarette glue and No. 20 standard glue in the international production area fell from cents/kg to cents/kg respectively

the average listing price of domestic Haikou trading hall is 27000 yuan, and the listing volume is 86 tons; The average price of hanging orders in Kunming trading hall is 27240 yuan, and the amount of hanging orders is 300 tons. The high average price of hanging orders leads to a low transaction

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