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With the rapid development of modern society, noise is also filling our lives, and the harm of noise is also increasing. In this environment, it is very easy to cause physical and psychological diseases. Home is the harbor of the soul, which makes us calm in a prosperous city. Therefore, the demand for sound proof doors and windows has been paid more and more attention by consumers

the first consideration of sound insulation doors and windows is to use appropriate sound insulation glass, the second is to consider the use of sound insulation profiles, and the third is to consider the sealing strip with good sealing effect. The unity of the three can make sound insulation doors and windows with ideal effect

one glass

1. Vacuum glass

the main feature of vacuum glass is that it is conducive to the principle of vacuum without sound penetration to block noise from entering the room and effectively block the transmission of sound, especially for medium and low frequencies with strong penetration, the effect is very significant

2. Laminated glass

is widely used in home decoration sound insulation doors and windows. Its basic sound insulation principle is the same as vacuum glass, which uses the independent space between the glasses to improve the sound insulation effect. Laminated glass is not much different from vacuum glass when installed correctly and sealed tightly

3. Insulating glass

insulating glass is more effective in isolating noise because it is filled with rare gas argon between the two layers of glass, but the sound insulation effect is not as good as vacuum glass, but it is enough for communities with less serious and obvious noise, and it is more friendly to the people than the previous two kinds of sound insulation glass

two profiles


in addition to glass, the profile material of doors and windows will also affect the sound insulation effect. At present, the relatively popular sound insulation doors and windows in China are bridge broken aluminum alloy doors and windows. This type of doors and windows has strong sound insulation performance, because its profiles have a double-layer structure, which are connected through rubber strips, greatly reducing the level of sound transmission of profiles, so as to achieve a good effect of sound insulation

the first sealant strip


the actual key of doors and windows is sealing. The sealing strip plays an important role in sealing. The function of sealant strip is sound insulation, dust prevention, antifreeze and warmth preservation. It must have strong tensile strength, good elasticity, and good temperature resistance and aging resistance. The investment of sealing strip accounts for a small proportion, but its role can not be ignored

living in a prosperous city

want to have a quiet place

sound insulation of doors and windows is the key

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