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In an increasingly life-oriented society, people are more and more dissatisfied with their own lives. Begin to understand and plan. In the increasingly fierce working environment during the day, I just want to return home to a kind of tranquility. White collar workers began to enjoy life, and small houses are the first choice for single white-collar workers or young families

small house, small mood. It often gives us a feeling of delicacy and romance. Like the neon in the dark city, it has a convincing charm, independence and freedom. Sometimes we get a break in our wandering heart

for single people, they usually choose small houses to make the transition. However, the area of small houses is relatively small. Living, receiving, storage, learning and other activities may be included in a room, which not only meets the needs of life, but also makes the room free of clutter, which requires a full and reasonable layout of the room space

this is a 50 square staggered floor. The head of the household is a teacher

although the space is small, a fashionable and alternative personalized home is created through the handling of details and the matching application of various elements

entering the porch

after adding white, the golden lines increase the characteristics of brightness, producing a particularly dazzling overall effect. Black mirrors are applied to the background and ceiling of the restaurant to enlarge the space

gray is the most passive color in the color. It is greatly affected by the color. It depends on the adjacent color to get its own life. The whole back wall uses gray. It is the quietest color in vision and has a strong function of reconciliation and contrast. Although gray has no stimulating and dominant desire, it is full of practical sense. Personalized wooden stairs are also one of the highlights of this home, which not only saves space, but also makes the whole more prominent. Bright colors, full of vitality. When the sun shines in, it seems to see spring. It is the same house type as the above one. The head of household is a reporter

black and white is the main tone. A kind of minimalism

simple white and deep black, such contrasting colors, bring strong visual impact and modern urban atmosphere. The personalized TV background wall is like the black-and-white Jian of the piano. Suddenly, there is an impulse to touch and dance your fingers. Will you really hear the moving melody. At the same time, it also brings a visual impact. Leisurely emotions flow out in an instant. Personalized bar design. Set against the sofa background. The grey texture gives people a calm but elegant feeling. The open kitchen is connected with the restaurant. A large area of white, through different shapes opened up the level. It doesn't feel dull and dull. The design is simple without losing its own personality. There is also a problem that is often difficult to solve for small houses, that is, the kitchen

how to create a good-looking kitchen in a small space, so that the space looks not crowded. The overall effect is fashionable, but it really needs designers' good ideas

put the electrical appliances into the cabinet as much as possible, not on the countertop, so that the countertop looks clean and tidy

there are always some idle small corners in the kitchen. The cabinet connected dining table with adjustable length can make full use of these small corners and place push-pull high cabinets. This cabinet with strong storage capacity reduces the demand for space. If it is an open kitchen, it is also a good idea to extend the cooking table into a bar

in small houses, the use of glass frame in the hanging cabinet is the first choice, which has strong display effect, will not make people feel depressed, and has a very modern sense

choose a single light colored wall tile for the wall. The use area of the kitchen is limited. In terms of the overall color arrangement, we should avoid messy colors

design is not only limited to interior, but also integrates life and art. I have been thinking about what is good design, humanized concept, personalized home, or infinite space

about design, I've been on the road all the time. I'm a madman who loves design. For me, design is not only a work, but also a hobby, which is almost crazy and persistent in my blood





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