Collar embroidery embroidered wall cloth Lotus Pon

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The moonlight full of the pool sent bursts of lotus fragrance to mix ink. The warbler's voice is gentle and winding on the floating waves, which makes people want to go back to the boat with Li Qingzhao as late as possible and fall into the depths of lotus roots by mistake. Now let's have a look with the collar embroidery wall cloth

the elegant and holy lotus

comes out of the silt but does not dye

washes the clear ripples but does not demon

in a pool of mud that is difficult to stir

stretches its peerless tenderness

reveals its solitary youth

it is always elegant

like an independent beauty

stands in a blue sky and clear water

does not steal the limelight,the, Indescribable

the wind blows leisurely

the shadow of the flowers is graceful and graceful

the moonlight full of the pool

sends bursts of lotus fragrance to adjust ink

the warbler's voice is gentle

hovers over the floating waves

people can't help but want to return to the boat with Li Qingzhao at night and fall into the depths of the lotus flowers by mistake

simple fine print Xiaohe cries Warbler - ink red

collar embroidery wall cloth inherits the skill of Suzhou embroidery, The product itself has the characteristics of exquisite and luxurious hand embroidery. The collar embroidery wall cloth absorbs the design style of the British royal family in the pattern design, and integrates with the exquisite embroidery to better show the unique dignity and luxury of the royal family. The British royal style characterized by natural, elegant, implicit and noble adds artistic luster to the traditional oriental embroidery

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