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After a hard selection, purchase and decoration process, you can finally check in, but before you check in, there are still the following precautions for your reference

after a hard selection, purchase and decoration process, you can finally move in, but there are still the following precautions for your reference before moving in

1. When the water supply pipeline is used for the first time, colored water may flow out. After a period of time, the water will gradually become clear

2. If you don't check in temporarily after decoration, it's best to close the main water inlet valve when you need to go out for a long time on business or when you encounter public water pipe maintenance

3. Before using electricity for the first time, it is best to check whether the appliance is damp, and whether the plugs and wires are complete and safe. Especially electric kettle, electric water heater, rice cooker, disinfection cabinet and other electrical appliances. You must read the instructions before using the newly added household appliances

4. When using gas stoves, be sure to pay attention to the direction of the switch, and switch the gas according to the direction sign It is best to turn off the main gas switch before going to bed every night

5. Ceramic tiles should be cleaned frequently to keep the pattern clear, but soft cloth must be used when cleaning, and acid-base liquid and hard brush cannot be used to wash and wipe, otherwise the uranium surface of ceramic tiles will be damaged

6. Marble is a natural mineral, which is delicate and easy to fade. You must pay attention to it when using it. Do not let the colored liquid stay on the surface, and do not place the metal objects that are easy to rust on it for a long time. Do not use acid-base liquid when cleaning stains. In addition, be careful not to let heavy objects impact the surface, or scratch the surface with sharp objects

7. When walking on the solid wood floor, do not drag it with the sole of your shoe, otherwise the paint will become thinner and the service life will be shortened. If there are nails on the heels, it is not suitable to walk on them. Do not hammer the surface with heavy objects. Avoid direct sunlight on the ground. When cleaning the floor, pay attention to the dry humidity of the mop, and do not mop the floor when the moisture of the mop is saturated

8. Wood products. Wood products include cabinets, cabinets, porches, bookshelves, doors and windows, etc. When opening and closing doors and windows, pay attention to the appropriate force, and pay attention to the sequence of opening and closing the left and right doors and windows

9. Pay attention to protect the paint surface where there is frequent contact

10. The connectors and chutes should be lubricated and clean, and the spacing of spring hinges should be adjusted and protected to prevent slipping out. Pay attention to the rust prevention of connectors for doors and windows that will not be opened for a long time

11. When moving furniture, lift it instead of dragging it on the ground

12. Pay attention to the dry humidity of the rag when cleaning, especially when cleaning the side edge banding, to prevent moisture infiltration, so as to prevent the edge banding patch from degumming





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