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The professional advantages of traditional doors and windows are no longer, and the transformation and promotion of door and window companies are burning. The promotion of the company cannot only "listen to the sound of the stairs without seeing people coming down". If this state continues, door and window companies will fall into a forced situation. The promotion and innovation of door and window companies should not only be based on the appearance of "lip gloss", but should be carried out as "a thousand sails pass by on the side of a sunken boat, and thousands of trees spring in front of a diseased tree"

door and window companies really need such a drive to innovate and advance. With the frequent closure of doors and windows, not only small and medium-sized door and window companies have fallen down frequently, but also well-known brand door and window agencies have closed numerous stores, which has not been spared. How can door and window companies escape the negative "scandal", reverse the negative situation, and not be eliminated in the competition

the innovation and promotion of door and window companies should not be "a grasp of the beard and eyebrows". At that time, the deep obstacle to innovation and promotion was not external objective reasons or historical factors such as region, environment and resources, but more from the preservation of the actions of door and window leaders and the lack of reform. In recent years, topics such as environmentally friendly aluminum alloy doors and windows have swept the industry. Everyone wants to take the "environmental protection" and jump out of the dilemma of closure by taking advantage of this east wind. Therefore, various slogans of "formaldehyde release E0 level" have emerged in endlessly, which has not deepened the essence of their profession. Therefore, this solution can only make the company "trapped in the marsh and unable to extricate itself", and watch their own company "dying, dying, life-threatening, and anxious"

therefore, the innovation and promotion of door and window companies need to be deeply cultivated in the professional soil. At that time, when the era of Pan home came, door and window companies were able to fight alliance wars with other brands and achieve win-win cooperation. "If you want to become a talent, you must first be rooted in a fertile land". The wind vane of the profession is the direction of the development of doors and windows, and it is the lighthouse on the road of the door and window company. Therefore, the determination to change and innovate requires deep cultivation in the professional soil, so as to form a joint force and catch up





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