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Meituan invested 500million yuan to set up Qingshan science and technology fund release date: Source: Information Times recently, meituan initiated the establishment of a public welfare Qingshan science and technology fund, with an initial investment of 500million yuan, so that you can learn more about the experimental machine knowledge industry ecological stakeholders and scientific research workers you do not know, and jointly contribute to a green and low-carbon future. "Meituan will continue to increase investment in environmental protection science and technology innovation, and work with various parties to promote green development and ecological co construction. This not only reflects our corporate mission of 'helping everyone eat better and live better according to the current development trend', but also is the corporate society we are duty bound to fulfill." Murongjun, the co-founder of meituan, said that the development of domestic material enterprises obviously lags behind the automobile industry; It is difficult to control the material and processing costs

it is reported that this year, the "meituan Castle Peak science and Technology Award" will focus on issues such as green low-carbon packaging, carbon capture and utilization, low-carbon transportation and energy storage. The number of young scientific researchers aged 45 and below working in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao will be 10 and the amount of reward will be 1million/person

on the other hand, the fund will focus on promoting the large-scale application of advanced green technologies in the industry, launch the meituan Qingshan environmental protection science and technology innovation demonstration project of "science and innovation China", mainly focusing on the three major fields of green innovative packaging application, green emission reduction technology application and green supply chain digitalization, and publicly solicit innovative, environmental protection and demonstration advanced technologies and projects, Promote the application of a number of innovative scientific and technological achievements in environmental protection, form replicable demonstration cases, and promote green and low-carbon circular development

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