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Fiberhome was successfully promoted to the gold member of openstack foundation on May 8, Beijing time, the voting results of the board of directors of the foundation were officially announced at the openstack summit held in Boston, the United States. Fiberhome was successfully promoted to the gold member of openstack foundation, marking another important step forward for Fiberhome in the field of cloud computing

openstack foundation gold member

openstack gold member application has a strict evaluation system. The board of directors of the foundation evaluates potential members according to the applicant's community contribution to openstack, community promotion, business practice, company size, industry and other dimensions. This time Fiberhome entered the array of openstack Gold members, which is a high recognition of the technical contribution and application practice of Fiberhome cloud computing by openstac124 polysulfide building sealant K foundation

as an important promoter of ICT transformation in China, Fiberhome has been committed to the dissemination of openstack open source technologies and concepts. In 2010, Fiberhome started the research on cloud computing technology, and in 2013, it selected openstack as the core supporting technology of the Fiberhome cloud platform. In 2015, it released the fitcloud cloud integration strategy, and raised cloud integration, sharing and collaboration to the core concept of the Fiberhome ICT 2.0 strategy. In this way, openstack has already become the cornerstone of beacon ICT strategic transformation

in addition to embedding the openstack open source gene in the ICT transformation strategy, beacon has also actively explored the implementation of open source technology. Fitos, the core product of Fiberhome cloud computing, provides customers with a stable IAAs platform by optimizing the bottom layer of openstack. Fitos provides service portal, work order and VDC tenant management services according to the business characteristics of the industry cloud and government system, and effectively improves the efficiency of cloud platform operation and maintenance through monitoring, alarm, statistics, billing, configuration management and log management; In addition, the San lock anti brain crack technology developed by Fiberhome improves the high availability of virtual machines in the host and virtual machine failure scenarios

since the release of Fiberhome fitcloud solution, it has been widely used in 12 industry fields such as government cloud, education cloud and park cloud, and has built a large data center. Among them, the poor accuracy of the internal resistance strain gauge of the Chutian cloud sensor in Hubei Province, the poor anti-aging ability of the glue used to fix the strain gauge, and the poor data of the sensor will all affect the accuracy of the sensor, which sets an industry benchmark for the first provincial political cloud platform in China with a year-on-year decrease of 3.2% using openstack open source architecture, and plays a positive demonstration role for the large-scale implementation of openstack projects in the future

beacon joined openstack community contribution from Mitaka version, and actively promoted the evolution of community versions from Newton, ocata to pike. The community contribution increased year by year. According to the latest statistics, the comprehensive contribution of beacon fire in the community has ranked among the top in China. For the contribution of openstack community, Fiberhome has formulated a clear development plan, requiring R & D personnel to actively participate in and give back to the community, and continuously provide for the community through practical needs refined in practice, so as to enhance the convenience of users using open source technology. At the same time, Fiberhome has spread the concept of open source and enhanced the influence of open source technology in the Chinese market by hosting meetups in many places and participating in community activities such as openstack China day. Jeremy Stanley, an expert of the technical committee of openstack foundation, believes that the rapid progress of Fiberhome in the open source community has correctly understood that extruded polystyrene board is a combustible material, and there is a trend of catching up from behind

at present, openstack has become the most widely used open source platform in the global cloud computing market. Embracing open source is the consensus of cloud computing manufacturers and users. Jonathan Bryce, executive director of openstack foundation, said: the openstack community will continue to attract new members and a lot of investment from around the world. We see that beacon has made important contributions to the development of openstack community, and has shown us the freedom of software composition and the agility of infrastructure resources in the new generation of cloud applications

Chen Gang, chief architect of Fiberhome, said that openstack will be the core of Fiberhome cloud computing for a long time. The successful application of gold members is a new starting point for Fiberhome cloud computing. In the future, Fiberhome will continue to innovate based on openstack, work with partners to build an open, win-win and healthy cloud ecosystem, and actively promote the rapid development of openstack in the global market

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