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Beck's new blow molding machine

ba 330 is the most advanced multi-layer co extrusion blow molding equipment of German Beck company, a world-famous blow molding equipment supplier. It is the product of Beck company's integration of all the best processes and production technologies in the multi-layer plastic fuel tank Market. Practicality, reliability and ease of operation are the primary design displacement z=0 hour meter requirements of the equipment. All raw material hoppers of the equipment are located at the top of the machine. The raw material hopper area has an independent platform that can be walked by operators, thus providing a production and maintenance space with clear functions and convenient use. Clear structure and function zoning can prevent manual operation from falling by 3% to make mistakes, such as when filling raw materials. At the same time, the corrugated pipe ring stiffness tester is widely used to measure the ring stiffness of thermoplastic pipes and fiberglass pipes with annular cross-section. The integrated raw material gravity weighing control system is standby for 6 extruders, as well as the full-automatic cleaning procedure required after the machine is restarted/restarted, which provides convenience for operators and prevents possible human operation errors. Because errors caused by human negligence in this area can cause long-term problems and have a serious impact on product quality, it is particularly important to ensure strictly determined process requirements

ba 330 the Ba series equipped with four locking cylinders adopts the master/slave control system, and this system has been reliably verified for many years. So far, more than 40 equipment using this system have been in long-term successful operation and production status

the new multi-layer co extrusion blow molding machine adopts the world's most advanced open and decentralized closed-loop control system CLC control system based on can open fieldbus, and adopts liquid crystal display touch control panel for actual production operation and process parameter setting, with graphical processing ability. The operating system adopts the control interface based on Windows NT, which is reliable in operation and even simple in polyurethane coating, It can also provide Chinese display operating system for Chinese users

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