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Bearings hinder the development of energy equipment. Chinese enterprises need to be transformed. In recent years, China's wind power, hydropower, nuclear power, deep well drilling rigs, offshore drilling platform exploration and other fields have opened up a huge demand market for equipment, but bearings, as key basic accessories, have become a weakness in their development

at the 2014 international bearing summit held recently, relevant experts pointed out that although the scale of China's bearing market continues to expand, high-end bearing products mainly rely on imports, which restricts the development of energy equipment. In this regard, domestic bearing enterprises are striving to achieve industrial upgrading of high-end bearing products and change the long-term dependence on imports of key bearings required in the field of energy equipment

bearing industry becomes a soft rib

bearing is a key basic component in the energy equipment manufacturing industry. It is widely used in large-scale wind power, hydropower, nuclear power units, deep well drilling rigs, offshore drilling platforms and other fields, directly determining the performance, level, quality and reliability of major equipment

in the period of rapid development of domestic energy exploration field, the energy equipment market urgently needs high-end bearing products. However, the technology of domestic bearing enterprises can not keep up with the development of energy equipment

the relevant person in charge of the bearing group once disclosed to the media that the bearing is one of the core accessories of the wind turbine. As one of the key components of high-power wind turbines above 1.5MW, wind turbine bearings have long relied on imports, seriously restricting the rapid development of the wind turbine industry. In addition, in the fields of hydropower units, thermal power units and oil and gas equipment, the long-term technical blockade of the bearing industry in foreign countries to refresh data according to actual needs also restricts the development of this kind of energy equipment field

insiders said that the problems of low independent production capacity, high-end dependence on imports and hollow technology have become urgent problems to be solved in China's bearing industry

in addition, according to the data of China Bearing Industry Association, at present, there are many problems and shortcomings in China's bearing industry, mainly manifested in weak R & D capacity, insufficient innovation power, repeated construction, serious excessive competition, etc. If such problems are not solved for a long time, it will greatly increase the difficulty of R & D and production of energy equipment related products in China, and affect the development of energy equipment industry

basic theory, industrial structure, brand effect and leading of high-end products are important signs of our dream of becoming a powerful bearing country. In fact, domestic enterprises are actively exploring and striving to realize the industrial upgrading of high-end bearing products

it is reported that as the leader of domestic bearing products, Wazhou group has further deepened enterprise local cooperation. Its key project in the advanced manufacturing technology field of the 863 plan, the development of large-scale special bearing test-bed, has passed the national acceptance, which is an important sign of the rapid localization of domestic high-power wind turbine supporting bearings in China. In addition, Wazhou group has also successfully developed and manufactured large vertical coal mill bearings for large thermal power units, and has successively developed 50 year maintenance free bearings for underwater ship locks for the Three Gorges Project on the Yangtze River and Xiaolangdi water control project on the Yellow River, realizing localization; In the field of oil and gas equipment, it has developed 12000m deep well drilling rig bearings, offshore drilling platform series bearings and F-2000 mud pump bearings; A series of high reliability maintenance free bearings for chemical equipment have been developed and manufactured. The successful development of these bearings has broken the technical blockade of foreign bearing industry

a relevant person from Hunan Chongde Technology Co., Ltd. said that the first nuclear main pump bearing developed by the company had successfully completed relevant tests in August, marking the success of the research and development of the first nuclear reactor cooling main pump bearing independently designed, developed and tested in China

improving the performance, quality and reliability of bearing products in the whole industry and breaking through the current situation of relying on imports in high-end fields are new topics for the development of our bearing industry. Wang Jianyu, director of the equipment department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said at the meeting

How about the testing machine for the transformation of domestic enterprises in Jinan, i.e.

state councilor Wang Yong pointed out recently that the mastery of the core technology of bearings determines the development of the equipment manufacturing industry. Bearings are the foundation of the manufacturing industry. If China's manufacturing industry wants to go up to the high end, bearings must first go up to the high end. This points out the direction for the development of China's bearing industry

for the common key technologies of high-end bearings, we should strengthen basic research to lay a good foundation for the better development of "1035", carry out industry layout as soon as possible, implement the technology alliance strategy, and carry out special technology research and engineering application research as soon as possible. The technical difficulties in bearing materials, bearing manufacturing process, bearing design and test shall be broken through. Said wangyuming, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering

the domestic high-end bearing market is in great demand, and many market segments will still maintain the growth momentum. In order to break through foreign barriers, reduce costs and improve competitiveness, the domestic mainframe industry has significantly increased the demand for medium and high-end products to replace imports, and the high-end market has great potential. At the same time, the demand of the international supply chain for the export of high-end bearings is also expanding. In the past two years, foreign enterprises have expanded their procurement in China from bearings to forgings. As long as the products can be upgraded to meet the needs, the international market has broad prospects

the huge high-end bearing market provides opportunities for domestic enterprises. Independent innovation, transformation and upgrading have become the key to breaking the dilemma

it is reported that Wazhou group has developed a number of high-end products and seized a number of high-end markets through structural adjustment and independent innovation; Through the implementation of market internationalization, supply chain internationalization, resource internationalization, enterprise layout internationalization and high-end talent internationalization, further enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises

in addition, the enterprise also introduced and absorbed advanced technologies through overseas mergers and acquisitions. For example, in 2013, Wazhou Group acquired KRW company, a century old bearing enterprise located in Leipzig, an important industrial town in Germany. KRW company is a R & D technology-based enterprise with a history of more than 100 years. After the merger and acquisition of the enterprise, Wazhou group has realized complementarity in technology and products, expanded its international market network, and widely improved its brand awareness in Europe

under the severe economic situation at home and abroad, while foreign bearing enterprises are competing in China, we should also seize the opportunities of the medium and high-end market to replace imports and develop high-end product exports, seize the opportunities of enterprise M & A and the introduction of high-end talents, take the initiative to speed up the pace of international development, realize low-cost expansion through M & A, reverse the disadvantages and get out of the quagmire. Indicated by Cong Hong

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