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To further expand the product chain, the hj215 jaw crusher made a perfect debut in the second quarter of 2014, adding new members to the jaw crusher product family

Liming heavy industry deep cavity jaw crusher and European version jaw crusher have always been favored by customers for their performance advantages of high production efficiency and low power consumption. They are the necessary models in many stone production lines. With the rich experience in the research and development of jaw crushers and the advantages of the technical team, the launch of HJ series high-energy jaw crushers is overwhelming. Compared with the 1991.16 billion yuan in 2015, the letter is full of confidence. In the second quarter of 2013, HJ series high-energy jaw crushers, as a new generation of jaw crushers, came off the production line in an all-round way. It gave full play to the excellent performance of jaw crushers, gathered cutting-edge technologies, and made a strong attack against the market demand. After one year's market test, HJ series shows outstanding production capacity and continues to expand models

it is not surprising that it has won favorable comments from the market. HJ series is elaborately built based on the design concept of high input and high output, integrating low energy consumption and high production capacity. It has broad applicability in metal and non-metal mining, cement, construction, sandstone, metallurgy and other industries

compared with other products in the family, the maximum crushing material strength of HJ series can reach 320MP under the specified experimental conditions and requirements. Therefore, in the crushing of hard materials such as basalt, compared with the traditional jaw crusher, the production efficiency is high and the operation cost is low. When it is used in the beneficiation process of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, it can effectively reduce the particle size of ore, achieve more breaking and less grinding, improve the production capacity of the production line, reduce energy consumption, and greatly improve the economic benefits of the concentrator. Hard power, no doubt

good performance. HJ series has a large output. By optimizing the motion track and cavity shape of the movable jaw, the best meshing angle and stroke characteristic value are determined, which greatly improves the output of this model at the same power

high stability. Through the optimization of the overall structure and polyurethane material of this model, which is the most important part of automotive non-metallic materials that is least affected by market fluctuations, the structure of flywheel and water wheel and the weight of counterweight block are determined, which greatly improves the vibration of HJ series. Compared with the jaw crusher of the same specification, it has higher stability

high reliability. The heat-treated forged eccentric shaft, oversized bearing, E-frame, labyrinth seal, etc. make the equipment more durable and reliable

easy to operate and maintain. The advanced side guard bolt fixing system will make this type of machine more efficient in replacing the side guard; The reasonable machine structure makes it more convenient for this type of machine to adjust the size of the discharge port and replace the elbow plate, which can effectively shorten the operation and maintenance time

is widely used. HJ series high-energy jaw crusher has a compact structure. Compared with jaw crushers of the same specification, it covers a smaller area, so that it can play a greater role in a limited space, so it is suitable for various crushing processes

at present, liming heavy industry has formed PE series, Pew series and HJ series products, covering the types and models of main jaw crushers in the market. The expansion of HJ series fills the market gap, improves the depth of the product chain, and provides users with more choices. We also believe that the HJ series will continue to show more value in the market with its strong nature

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