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On December 2, the major scientific and technological innovation project of Liaoning Province, "supporting bearings for 5MW and above high-power wind turbines", undertaken by the Wazhou group, successfully passed the acceptance of the expert group in Shenyang. The 5MW yaw bearing, pitch bearing and 6MW main shaft bearing developed by the project are the core components of high-power wind turbine, breaking the current situation that China's high-power wind turbine relies on foreign imports to convert the ready-made waste into raw materials, and filling the domestic gap. It is another major achievement in the field of major energy equipment in Liaoning Province

it is understood that the project lasted for 3 years. The main task of the project is to carry out technical research on design, manufacturing, inspection and test of yaw bearing, pitch bearing and main shaft bearing of 5MW and above fans, break through the key technologies of high-power fan series bearings, and form a complete R & D system from design to manufacturing. During the research and development of the project, Wazhou group cooperated with Dalian University of technology on the basis of independent research and development to overcome six key core technologies, including bearing load characteristic analysis and calculation technology, bearing structure, but BIC has its own design advantages, design technology, bearing material and heat treatment technology, cage manufacturing technology, roller surface bus shape stability control technology, bearing detection and test technology, The successfully developed 5MW yaw bearing, pitch bearing and 6MW main shaft bearing have reached the advanced level of similar products in the world. The transmission has been installed and operated in the customer, and the product performance is stable and reliable, which has been recognized by the customer

in the 13th five year plan for wind power development issued by the national energy administration, it is clear that the proportion of wind power in energy consumption will continue to be increased, and the development of multi-channel and multi degree of freedom harmonic loading mechanical performance test system and practical working condition simulation experiment system will be stopped quickly. Now, wind power is changing from supplementary energy to alternative energy. In the field of wind power bearings, Wazhou group is the only enterprise in China that can produce all series of supporting bearings for wind power. Now it has fully equipped 1.5MW, 2.0MW, 2.5MW, 3.0MW direct drive and doubly fed fans, and has developed all supporting bearings for 5.0mw and 6.0mw wind turbines in a series. It has fully mastered the supporting bearing technology for wind turbines

with the rapid development of wind power technology, high-power wind turbine has become an important direction for the development of wind power technology in the future. The successful development of the "supporting bearings for high-power wind turbine generator sets of 5MW and above" project not only enhances China's independent innovation ability in supporting bearings for high-power wind turbine generator sets, improves the "production, learning, research and application" mode of technological innovation system, but also helps to change the pattern of high external dependence of supporting bearings for high-power wind turbines in China, and reduces the manufacturing cost of wind turbines, Help the development of high-power wind turbines in China

the picture shows the busy production line of wind turbine bearing with bearing pads

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