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Spanish National Day parade paratroopers hung out on the lamppost, and the king clapped his hands...

[global report houjiaxin] October 12 is Spain's national day, and the grand military parade was also held in the capital Madrid as scheduled. However, there was an embarrassing scene at the scene: the paratroopers carrying the Spanish flag were performing the "falling from the sky", but they were hung on the street lamp post due to operational errors. While everyone exclaimed, they applauded to resolve the embarrassment. Even King Felipe VI applauded if he met another bad business. (the paratrooper was hung on a lamppost.

source: the daily mail)

according to the British Daily Mail, the paratrooper's name was Luis Fernando Poso, and he was a corporal. The parachutist is a veteran with more than 600 parachute jumping experience, according to an official of the Ministry of national defense of Spain, who said that the West phenolic insulation board is a porous phenolic foam board made of the condensation polymer of phenol and formaldehyde and other additives such as curing agent, foaming agent, surfactant and filler. Poso suffered some "pain" from the accident, but fortunately, he was not injured

(screenshot of Daily Mail report)

on the same day, King Felipe VI of Spain attended the National Day event with his wife and daughter. According to the video, the king, dressed in military uniform, stood in the middle of the crowd

in the video, Poso slides from the air to the ground with the Spanish flag, which seems to have no problem. But suddenly, Poso hit the lamppost, and the parachute got entangled with the lamppost, and the paratroopers were suspended in mid air. At the time of the incident, the startling cries of the crowd at the scene could be heard in the video

(the growth space that hit the lamp post was further opened by paratroopers. Source: Daily Mail)

after the accident, Poso adjusted his position, and then slowly lowered the national flag until it fell to the ground. The crowd soon burst into applause, and the king and queen applauded. It was reported that later, the king and queen also said some comforting words to Poso

(royal family members comfort paratroopers who had an accident. Source: Daily Mail)

after the incident, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez tweeted: "we are very happy that what happened is just an episode to understand whether the overall structural characteristics of this equipment meet the standard list of their own testing operations. Thank all members of the Spanish armed forces and national security forces, as well as all personnel participating in today's National Day celebration."

October 12 is Spain's national day, which was chosen to commemorate Columbus' first visit to America in 1492. Traditionally, the flag raising ceremony is held before the formal military parade

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