The hottest spark can start a prairie fire

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A spark can start a prairie fire

looking back on the road that spark machine tools have gone through, from small to large, from weak to strong, from the brink of bankruptcy to high-speed development, and showing sustained growth, which is caused by a variety of factors. What is the key factor that makes the spark at the brink of life depend on? Looking back on the road that spark machine tool has gone through, from small to large, from weak to strong, from the verge of bankruptcy to high-speed development, and showed sustained growth, which is caused by a variety of factors. What is the key factor that makes the spark at the brink of life depend on? What is the key factor that makes spark continue to develop and become a prairie fire

Tianshui Xinghuo Co., Ltd. is a third tier enterprise moved from Shenyang No.1 Machine Tool Plant to Tianshui in 1967. It was restructured from the original Tianshui Xinghuo machine tool plant in June 2002. In terms of geographical location, spark machine tool is not dominant. The factory is located in a small town in Maiji District, Tianshui, and is built close to the mountain. There is no imposing factory and luxurious gate. At first glance, it still looks shabby. However, it is this slightly shabby machine tool plant. Spark machine tool has become one of the nine heavy-duty horizontal lathe manufacturers in the world, the leader in the production of large-scale rotary machine tools in China, the leading manufacturer of large-scale CNC lathes and precision roll grinders in China, the eight diamond enterprises in China's machine tool industry, and the national industrial test base of automatic low-pressure casting machines. But who could have thought that more than 10 years ago, due to the inadaptability to the market economy, it entered a loss situation. In 1999, the most difficult year, the annual sales revenue was only 18million yuan, the per capita annual income of employees was only 2800 yuan, but the cumulative loss reached 42million yuan. In terms of output value, Xinghuo is still a small factory on the verge of bankruptcy

nowadays, Li Weiqian, the leader of spark, relies on advanced management concepts and business concepts to manage enterprises, and relies on independent innovation and technological progress to promote enterprises, which will become impossible. Through his unremitting efforts and those of Xinghuo people, Xinghuo company, an enterprise that has been losing money for years, has stepped out of its predicament and entered the track of rapid development. It has become the third largest profit and tax producer in Tianshui and one of the top 100 profit and tax enterprises in Gansu Province. Its products cover all parts of the country and are sold to more than 40 countries and regions around the world

build a harmonious foundation, put innovation first, and have boundless players

review the road that spark machine tool has gone through, from small to large, from weak to strong, from the brink of bankruptcy to high-speed development, and show sustained growth, which is caused by a variety of factors. What is the key factor that makes the spark at the brink of life depend on? What is the key factor that makes spark continue to develop and become a prairie fire

spark machine tool can get out of the dilemma and realize rapid leap forward development, which largely depends on guiding the thoughts of employees with advanced ideas, Integrating Ideological and political work into the practice of corporate culture, cultivating a healthy and upward corporate culture, forming the core value orientation of employees and enterprises, and guiding employees to do the right thing; Give play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, rely on employees wholeheartedly, and reflect the ownership status of employees; Use the enterprise vision to stimulate the morale of employees, close the relationship between cadres and the masses, and reflect the family management; Build a personal development platform and care about the balanced development of employees

as early as 2002, spark summarized and refined the business philosophy of building a harmonious foundation, putting innovation first and being a pioneer. Li Weiqian pointed out that they seem simple, but they are by no means empty slogans, but the inner feelings of spark people based on their extreme desire to survive, their unremitting pursuit of living well, and their beautiful desire to live better in the process of ragged development! At the same time, through the unique oral cultural system, they can easily be transformed into the conscious behavior and habits of every employee. For example, the foundation of harmony is the induction and distillation of a series of statements of spark. It first reflects the harmony between people. In view of the contradictory and disharmonious situation of spark in the early stage, Li Weiqian proposed to speak face-to-face, not engage in class struggle, treat people as people, and treat things as things. He found that there was a bad habit of undermining each other among cadres, and also proposed that the successor should not scold the predecessor, and the deputy should not fall into the main post. In the restructuring, spark should always tell the truth, accompany each other with friendship, and not let any staff fall behind. Li Weiqian advocated a sunny mentality and never complain, He often tells employees that complaining is a toxin that will harm your life. The more you complain, the harder your life will be. Harmony is not only for people, but also for things. Before heavy-duty machine tools, spark produced 3 tons of small beds in the plant equipped with 50 tons of crown block. Li Weiqian pointed out that this is because we designed a pearl mother heuristic go- (mussel inspired) PDA nano composite material big horse to pull a small car. It is disharmonious. Malaysia should pull a big car, which has become one of the factors that spark decided to do heavy-duty. In addition, people make the best use of their talents and materials, which is about the harmony between people and things, things and things; Don't say no to the market, it's about the harmony between the enterprise and the market; The outer circle and the inner side are about the harmony between enterprises and society, and so on. In Li Weiqian's view, harmony is the aesthetic thinking in enterprise management. Harmony based on human-oriented, more comprehensively, accurately and clearly summarizes the path of spark, and now has become one of the magic weapons to guide Spark's daily work practice. Similarly, innovation first and boundless players also have such a role. Like the boundless, not only refers to the development goals of enterprises, lean production stresses continuous improvement, and the improvement of product quality is endless; In our production, we say that there is no limit to what we can do. Li said that the boundless demands that every spark person should always regard today as backward, and must strive for excellence. We cannot say that the same culture will only harm spark

in the language system of spark culture, it is not allowed to speak, because therefore, you can only speak even if you want. For example, you can't say that because of the financial crisis, you can't complete the task this year. It should be said that even if you are affected by the financial crisis, you should complete the task this year. The difference between the two is that the former is a negative mentality, which foreshadows failure early, and the latter is a positive thinking, which makes it possible to win hope for victory. There are many intuitive statements in spark, such as not saying bear words, no way is no ability, winners find ways, losers find reasons, failure to find problems is dereliction of duty, failure to solve problems is incompetence, and so on

the culture of confidence guides the spark people out of the darkness

Li Weiqian is a technical background. After graduating from the machinery manufacturing major of Gansu University of technology in 1982, he was assigned to Xinghuo factory as a designer. In 1993, he was promoted to Chief Engineer at the age of 36. Three years later, he was appointed factory director. The workers have high expectations of him. Everyone thinks that if a person who knows technology becomes the factory director, the factory will be saved

how difficult was spark at that time? Li Weiqian said that it can be described as more than 2000 people: first, there are more than 2000 people; second, the sales income is only more than 20 million; at the worst, it is only more than 18 million; third, the per capita annual income is more than 2000 yuan. Workers need to borrow rice and noodles from relatives in the countryside from time to time to make a living. Even Li Weiqian, as the factory director, has received assistance from relatives. In order to save money, Xinghuo's living area has no power supply during the day and no water at night. In winter, it only provides two hours of heating at night. In order to keep warm, just don't freeze the elderly and children

no capital, no talent, no products, no market, but Li Weiqian said internally that what spark lacks most is not these, but confidence. As long as we have confidence, we can have policies without funds, cultivate ourselves without talents, develop new products without products, and open the market with new products without markets. He further proposed three steps for the development of spark: the first step is survival, the second step is development, and the third step is to build spark home. According to his idea, spark home should not only be rich in material, but also be full of spirit. If the electricity is suddenly cut off halfway, it will achieve a double harvest of material and spirit. The workers sound as distant as the communist ideal. But what is passed on to them is confidence and hope. Li Weiqian summed it up as the confidence culture of spark. He said that all kinds of people in the world are successful, men, women, beautiful, ugly, introverted and extroverted, but they all have one thing in common, that is, self-confidence. The reason why spark can achieve today's results can be said to have many factors, but the combination is confidence. In difficult times, Xinghuo people said that they would never abandon the ship to escape. Later, they put forward the three forever spirit of never complaining, never giving up and never giving up, and repeatedly instilled in employees that as long as you say you can, you can't, and so on, which are the embodiment of Xinghuo confidence culture. Premier Wen Jiabao proposed that confidence is more important than gold when the financial crisis came. In Li Weiqian's view, this seemingly simple sentence is equivalent to a super doctoral thesis

in the survival stage, there is only one goal of spark to survive. If there are green mountains left, I'm not afraid of no firewood. As long as the enterprise does not close down or close down, and the employees do not freeze or starve to death, spark will have the possibility of making a comeback. Li Weiqian's method was to break through the encirclement in different ways. The eight workshops went out to find jobs by themselves, and the money they earned was opened with the factory, and then the crops were generally increased by 15% ⑵ 5% to feed the R & D, administrative, logistics and other personnel. At a workers' Congress, an employee reported to Li Weiqian that there were more than 30 motor vehicles in the living area, which started early every morning, seriously interfering with everyone's rest, and asked the factory to take care of them. Li's reply is that it can't be controlled, because now some employees refer to this car as alive

the situation is so difficult that some people suggest to revitalize assets and sell useless equipment, but Li Weiqian disagrees; Some people wanted to let the foundry go out independently and get rid of the burden. Li Weiqian insisted on saving it on the ground that casting was the first process of machine tool production; Li Weiqian also refused to lay off half of the staff in the process of reducing staff and increasing efficiency, but let some workers rotate, so that the workers can account to their families. He said: as long as there are people, plants and equipment, there is hope for the revival of spark. While struggling to support, spark has never forgotten to accumulate strength for the future: on the one hand, through the implementation of progressive reform, spark has gradually improved the distribution system and organizational structure, and established a rapid response mechanism to adapt to the market; On the other hand, we should spare no efforts to develop new products and prepare for the recovery of the industry in advance

in the first five months of 1999, Xinghuo only achieved an output value of 4.32 million yuan, which is not enough for all wages. The dying spark has reached the end of the mountain. At this time, Li Weiqian, who was at the forefront of the team, had seen the dawn; At the critical moment of life and death, he held a swearing in meeting attended by the team leaders and above of the whole plant, told everyone that it was dark before dawn, and called on everyone to stick to it again and strive for the final victory. In order to speed up the design of new products, Xinghuo stopped paying a limited salary after obtaining the consent of the employees, and used the money to set up a computer-aided design (CAD) system. Li Weiqian promised the employees that he would not pay wages now in order to pay wages in the future. Later, Li Weiqian used the same sentence pattern as a major obstacle to achieving healthy and sustainable development. When capital rolling investment is needed to expand the scale of production, he said: now pay less wages for

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