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Spanish plastic parts supplier acquires muffler plastic

Grupo cosmos, a Spanish plastic metal auto parts manufacturer, stepped up efforts to save muffler plastic GmbH, a German auto parts molding company on the verge of bankruptcy

cosmos is headquartered in Navarra, Spain, and has nine factories in Spain and the Czech Republic. At the beginning of 2016, it acquired the plant in pflendorf, Germany, with undisclosed acquisition funds. It is expected that about 45 employees of the company will be retained

Muffler plastic was founded 30 years ago, initially producing plastic parts for office supplies suppliers, especially since 1988, specializing in producing a large number of injection molded components for the automotive industry. Today, the company has an injection molding and storage workshop covering an area of 15500 square meters in the factory in pfulendorf

it is reported that in July 2014, bank credit was withdrawn, and the family business muffler was forced to apply for bankruptcy, and the company faced huge economic losses

the court appointed the bankruptcy administrator Matth · US R · Sch to try to stabilize the business in Germany. The company initially had 65 employees. He tried to attract potential new investors while maintaining the parts supply business with customers

r · Sch announced that the highest bidder will take over muffler plastic, together with a long-term supply agreement with the main customers of a kind of fixture. Because of the particularity of the fixture structure, sometimes it is difficult to be sure which kind of fixture is more suitable

Grupo cosmos, the Spanish buyer, was founded in 1995 and has a large number of processing plants in northern and central Spain. The company has 400 employees

the company has operated 36 injection molding zigzag experiments with clamping force ranging from 35 tons to 1700 tons: zigzag to 90 degrees under the specified bending center diameter, including 6 125 ton injection molding machines in the Czech factory

grupo cosmos' main customers include Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Nissan, as well as some auto parts suppliers such as Faurecia and Meyer

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