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Chinatelecom's special action against communication and information fraud in recent years, communication and information fraud has many means and new patterns, which seriously endanger the property safety of users. In order to implement the relevant deployment of the special action to combat and control new types of illegal crimes in the telecommunications network, focusing on the spirit of the notice on Further Doing a good job in preventing and combating communication and information fraud issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, Chinatelecom organized units at all levels to actively carry out special actions to combat communication and information fraud. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the special action, Chinatelecom made careful deployment, coordinated cooperation, and took measures to strengthen shutdown, emergency response, technical support and business standard management, publicity mechanism construction, etc., to crack down on communication information fraud

measure 1: implement the mechanism and improve the work plan

Chinatelecom held a special meeting in early November 2015, established a leading group to combat and control the illegal and criminal work of communication information, and established a special work office involving multiple departments of the group headquarters, breaking down the work tasks to specific departments and people one by one

at the same time, the implementation of the special action to prevent and crack down on communication and information fraud will be included in the annual performance appraisal of the leading groups of provincial companies, strengthening supervision and inspection, and strict assessment and accountability. All provincial-level companies have set up leading groups and special work teams to decompose the position of the mobile magnet. The current pulse and strain pulse can be calculated to reach this period of time, so as to accurately measure various tasks and establish a long-term mechanism to combat governance

action 2: establish a linkage shutdown mechanism to improve the efficiency of shutdown/"querying the number or line involved in the case

Chinatelecom has established a linkage shutdown mechanism from the group to provincial companies. According to the special action plan for combating communication information fraud, for the number of cases reported by the public security department, the shutdown/inquiry was completed in time and feedback was given in time. So far, 11 batches of shutdown and expansion inquiries have been handled, with a total of 4950 mobile numbers and more than 240 400 numbers

each provincial company has established a green disposal channel for emergency shutdown of the involved number, and added the shutdown type to the IT system as suspected of illegal crime of communication information, and received the superior's notice to force the shutdown

Telecom branches in various regions actively cooperate with local public security departments to crack down on communication information fraud with longer lengths, such as sheet metal and lead screws. Liaoning, Zhejiang, Yunnan and other provincial companies have established a number shutdown mechanism with the provincial public security organs. While further establishing the coordination mechanism of linkage work, Suzhou company and Suzhou Public Security Bureau dispatched special personnel to the 110 command center of the Public Security Bureau for on-site joint office work, and cooperated with the public security organ to carry out relevant anti fraud blocking work. Anhui company has established a rapid promotion and shutdown mechanism to effectively implement the rapid shutdown mechanism of the number involved in the special action, that is, all work is deployed in place and promoted rapidly within one day; The time limit of quick shutdown operation is reduced from 24 hours to 2 hours

measure 3: establish and improve technical means, strengthen the supervision and governance of fraud, strictly regulate the transmission of calling numbers, and improve the ability to detect, verify, monitor, locate and intercept network changed numbers and non-conforming numbers. Fully implement the interception of international false calling numbers. In December 2015, nearly 1million international calls +86 illegal calls were intercepted every month

in terms of technical means construction, in order to strengthen the anti fraud ability and find and deal with illegal and fraudulent acts at the first time, China Telecom's multi regional branches explored to speed up the construction of voice fraud anti system platform, so as to achieve the timely detection and disposal of suspected fraudulent traffic. After the overseas fraud prevention platform developed by Jiangsu company was put into operation, it has achieved remarkable results. At present, it is gradually loading the domestic fraud prevention function. Zhejiang Shaoxing and Taizhou companies use the existing fixed anti fraud platform system to connect the suspected fraud to the anti fraud system. The system simulates the cheated user to answer and answer the call, and initiates a call to the user who has been called by the fraud to remind the user to prevent being cheated. At present, a total of more than 400000 fraud interceptions have been made

measure 4: promote the special action to deal with black cards, implement and implement the broadband real name system, and continue to promote the special action to deal with black cards. First, improve the technical means of identity information and certificate verification. Since September 1, 2015, hundreds of millions of yuan have been invested, and second-generation identity card identification equipment has been equipped in all entity marketing channels to realize the automatic entry system of user identity information. Second, standardize various social marketing channels. Third, further strengthen the management and control of online marketing channels and standardize online sales card business. Fourth, formulate incentive policies for supplementary registration of users without real names, and promote supplementary registration in accordance with laws and regulations

carry out special rectification on the problem of false broadband registration, and strengthen the management of social marketing channels. Up to now, 710 sites have been disqualified, including 532 entities and 178 networks. In response to the false registration of wired broadband in Binyang, Guangxi, Chinatelecom Guangxi actively cooperated with the public security department to carry out relevant work, shut down 3095 wired broadband in key cases, and cleaned up and dismantled 1620 suspicious broadband lines, of which 11 were demolished in key crime areas, forming a standardized and orderly market pattern of 70. 4375 numbers in non key areas are required to be re registered in the business hall within a time limit. Those who fail to re register within the time limit will be shut down

measure 5: strengthen the standardized management of key businesses, clean up illegal access behavior

focus on cleaning up illegal rental of line resources, illegal development of call center business, illegal provision of VoIP landing and number change services, and strengthen the standardized management of 400 business switchboard. Conduct comprehensive self-examination and self correction for all kinds of special line and trunk line users and agents, standardize business behavior, strictly review the qualifications of lessees, prohibit subletting at all levels, and clean up illegal access behaviors. Further standardize the development of voice relay access business and call center business, complete the inventory of 66000 trunk lines, close and dismantle 2104 trunk lines, and intercept illegal traffic more than 600000 times on average every month

further strengthen 400 business control and real name system requirements, focus on the implementation of social channel standard management and real name system work requirements, clean up illegal social channels, terminate the contract for violators according to law, and properly handle customer service after termination

measure 6: strengthen the management of app stores and prevent illegal apps from being put on the shelves

Chinatelecom conducts a round of full coverage keyword filtering on more than 200000 apps that have been put on the shelves in its app stores every month, and compares and filters the detailed characteristics of the existing code change software with the applications in the library. So far, 40 apps have failed to pass the audit and have been removed from the shelves

measure 7: carry out the popularization and publicity of preventing communication information fraud through multiple channels

actively carry out the publicity of preventing communication information fraud knowledge, and continuously release warning content through Chinatelecom official, e-mail, Weibo accounts and text messages. According to the progress of case detection by public security departments, provincial and municipal Telecom companies also cooperate to carry out relevant publicity and reports in a timely manner to improve the public's awareness of prevention. In the publicity week for the prevention of new types of crimes organized by the special action office of the Ministry of public security from January 18 to 22, telecom companies in many provinces and cities of Chinatelecom actively participated in the on-site activities to prevent communication fraud with public security organs, and through extensive publicity activities, improve the public's awareness and ability to prevent and combat fraud

Chinatelecom said that it would continue to strengthen the cooperation and linkage with the public security organs. Under the unified command of the Ministry of industry and information technology, it would adhere to the trinity of technical means, standardized management and anti fraud publicity, take multiple measures at the same time, continue to carry out in-depth prevention and combating communication information fraud, and actively contribute to safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of customers

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