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High temperature resistance of special adhesives exceeds 1800 ℃

at present, there are the most kinds of organic adhesives on the market, which are generally divided into epoxy resin, phenolic resin, silicone, etc. However, the maximum temperature resistance of organic adhesives usually does not exceed 1000 ℃. Beijing Zhisheng Weihua chemical "The paint surface of this kind of material is like foam layer 1. After years of research and development, the company has produced zs-1071 high temperature resistant inorganic adhesive under high temperature and high pressure. It is expected that by 2025, the adhesive will use Zhisheng Weihua's proprietary high temperature solution, and the temperature resistance can reach more than 1800 ℃, and it can be used in the fire for a long time without deformation. It breaks the world-wide technical problem that the high temperature resistant adhesive can only withstand temperature below 1000 ℃. Zs-1071 Weihua resistant High temperature inorganic adhesives are composed of inorganic bases, metal oxides, hydroxides, etc. High temperature resistant adhesive has excellent high temperature resistance and potential utilization opportunities in medical devices. It has small shrinkage, high hardness, high wear resistance coefficient and good aging resistance. It is a kind of special adhesive with great development prospects

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