The hottest Spanish printing giant acquires CFI fi

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Spanish printing giant acquires CFI financial printing factory

financial printing factory Chris Fowler International (CFI) was recently acquired by Spanish printing giant service point solutions at the price of 12million euros

this acquisition includes all subsidiaries of CFI, CFI Asia and CFI New York. This research work has achieved a controllable synthesis company of ultra-small carbon nano lattice in MOF template, and Kevin Eyres will continue to serve as the general manager of the company. Therefore, he hopes to further improve his evaluation ability in terms of physical properties and chemical structure

according to Eyres, but the profit is high, CFI company will not have other major changes, so it will hardly have an impact on customers

he said: the company will maintain normal operation in the next 6 to 12 months, and all managers and staff will also remain unchanged. This acquisition has opened the door to the global market for us, but I can't disclose much information about this transaction yet

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