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The spatial pattern is gradually clear, and the development of strategic emerging industries has excellent UV protection functions. The exhibition will focus more on the "situation analysis of China's strategic emerging industries in the third quarter of 2013 and trend judgment of the fourth quarter" recently released by CCID Research Institute. It is expected that China's strategic emerging industries will maintain a rapid growth trend in the fourth quarter under the background of the good trend of macroeconomic operation and the increasing market confidence, The pace of industrialized application in key fields and domestic market development is expected to accelerate, and the spatial development pattern will gradually become clear

the pace of market application has been significantly accelerated

with the strong promotion of all aspects, breakthroughs have been made in technology research and development in key strategic emerging industries since the third quarter, and the pace of market application has been significantly accelerated

in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, high-efficiency energy-saving technologies and equipment such as differential pressure power generation at the top of blast furnace, pure blast furnace gas power generation, low calorific value gas turbine, pure low-temperature waste heat power generation have been widely promoted; Wait

in the field of new generation information technology, 4G mobile communication technology, which has independent intellectual property rights and has become an international standard, is progressing smoothly in 15 cities; The small-scale commercial pilot of IPv6 is advancing steadily, and it is expected to open to more than 20 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou before the end of the year; Shenzhen launched the country's first 4G instant messaging industry application, marking the realization of wireless HD live broadcast through 4G technology

by the end of June 2013, the Internet penetration rate had reached 44.1%, and the proportion of 3G users in the total number of mobile Internet users had exceeded 30%, driving the explosive growth of the mobile Internet industry

in the field of high-end equipment, the successful development of domestic efficient intelligent die-casting equipment has greatly improved the automation and intelligence level of China's casting equipment and the overall technical level of China's die-casting industry; The first large-scale scrap metal intelligent crushing and sorting production line in China has been applied, filling the gap of intelligent crushing and sorting equipment for scrap steel, waste electromechanical and scrap cars in China; The upper and lower hull of the Deepwater semi submersible drilling platform Xingwang was successfully closed

overcapacity has not fundamentally changed

in recent years, all regions have blindly followed up strategic emerging industries and formed a low-level repeated construction development model with relatively similar layout and lack of core competitiveness across the country, making the investment behavior of photovoltaic, led, wind power equipment, carbon fiber, construction machinery and other industries increasingly irrational, and gradually evolved into the overall overheating of investment, which eventually led to overcapacity, Some industries even experienced sustained industry wide losses. Entering the third quarter, this phenomenon has not fundamentally changed

in addition, the industrial ecological environment in some fields needs to be improved. Since the third quarter, China's strategic emerging industries have shown a steady and rapid development trend as a whole, and new progress has been made in technological innovation and industrialization, but the industrial ecological environment needs to be improved

it is also worth paying attention to the urgent need to change the functions of the government in promoting the development of strategic emerging industries. At present, many places are still keen on developing emerging industries, such as stalls, projects and investment, and are keen to attract investment with land, financial subsidies, tax incentives, and even interfere too much in the micro activities of enterprises

policy effects will be gradually released

looking forward to the fourth quarter, China's macroeconomic operation will tend to be better, the pace of technological innovation in key areas will be accelerated, the construction of supporting facilities will be continuously improved, policy effects such as special projects and pilot demonstrations will be gradually released, and the spatial pattern of the development of strategic emerging industries will be gradually clear

on the one hand, the overall layout and planning guidance of strategic emerging industries at the national level have achieved initial results, and the positioning of strategic emerging industries in provinces and cities has become increasingly clear. With the continuous deepening of the understanding of the growth law of emerging industries, all regions have gradually returned to rationality in dealing with the development of emerging industries, and the development focus will be more focused

on the other hand, the industrial spatial agglomeration effect in key areas will further appear. For example, in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing and widely used in the world's hearing testing equipment market, a bs4449-97 (hot rolled steel bars for concrete structures) distribution pattern with the Bohai rim and Yangtze River Delta as the core and the Pearl River Delta and Northeast China as the two wings has initially taken shape; In terms of new energy industry, around 30% of China's wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises are concentrated in the Bohai Rim region, 60% of China's photovoltaic enterprises are concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta region, and more than 90% of China's wind power projects and solar photovoltaic power generation projects are concentrated in the Northwest region. It is expected that in the coming period, Bayer expects the sales growth of its customer health business to reach 3% this year, and the effect will be further strengthened

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