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Spark packaging and appreciation

in the early stage of our country, sparks all expressed their favorite contents and forms that were in line with the appreciation habits of the Chinese people, including spark packaging with auspicious contents that implied a good omen. For example, the dragon, which is regarded by the public as a divine, spiritual and auspicious object, is a commonly used pattern on sparks

spark, consumer electronics is facing unprecedented transformation and upgrading, and the pressure control steps can be free according to the experimental requirements; Li is what collectors call the match trademark. Sparks, also known as Matchbox stickers, match decorative paintings, foreign paper heads, match labels, match pictures, match stickers, etc., are the main packaging of match objects, showing match production units and brands, and play a role in beautification and publicity

the usual term "spark collection" refers to sparks, matches and objects related to sparks, which is generalized. Since the British pharmacist John Walker made the world's first friction match in 1827 and made the match trademark with his own head, people have become increasingly interested in the spark collection, which has become one of the five major graphic collections in the world today. Although lighters are often used in large coastal cities, matches are still widely used in rural areas in China, which has a large market

in 1877, the first national match factory in China, made in Shanghai, was born in the Dongtian of Shanghai Avenue at that time, and used the "horse brand" match trademark for the first time. Due to the weak capital, ear oil and medicine materials were purchased from foreign countries and operated manually, so it was difficult to compete with foreign businessmen at that time. It was closed down soon after it came out, resulting in the history of being made in Shanghai from laihuo Bureau

in the early stage of China, sparks were all in the form of individual content and single piece, which showed the good news in line with the appreciation habits of the Chinese people. It is believed that most people do not know the content and form they are happy to see, and there is no lack of spark packaging of auspicious content that implies a good omen. For example, the dragon, which is regarded by the public as a divine, spiritual and auspicious object, is a commonly used pattern on sparks. 2. The liquid medium in the low-temperature tank is generally alcohol or frozen liquid

from the spark, the collectors deeply feel that the spark records the struggle, harvest and happiness of the people, and reflects the suffering, shame and indignation of the nation. For example, the memorial spark of the Zhongshan plaque uses the portrait of Dr. Sun Yat Sen when he became the interim president of the Nanjing government. From his deep eyes and slightly retracted and closed lips, we seem to see the great man's anxiety about the country and his determination to the end of the revolution. The spark of "Meili brand" of Greater China match company is also a witness of China's national industry's boycott of foreign goods and the impact of foreign capital's occupation of China's match market after the "May 30" movement

spark integrates appreciation and practicality. For example, in the tourist spark of the scenery of Mount Huangshan by Wuhu match factory, the designer used gouache painting techniques to depict the scenic spots of Mount Huangshan, such as Tiandu peak, monkey viewing the sea, welcoming pine, etc., coupled with seal cutting seals, the seals and paintings complement each other, making a box of matches in the hand not only a beautiful craft, but also a guide for tourists

Chinese and foreign literary masterpieces are common on sparks, and famous paintings are also seen on sparks. The content on the spark is full of the flavor of the times and covers a wide range of areas. Almost all the content in life can be found in miniature in the spark. With the change of times, the number of people who use matches is decreasing, but sparks are becoming more and more popular. The best example is the publication and popularity of the collection of sparks, such as the auspicious spark revolution, the Eighth National Games, Macao spark and so on

source: China Heritage daily Author: Weiqing

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