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SPD smart glass patent owners Sue Amazon and Sony for infringement

research pioneer (RFI) company, which developed SPD smart light control technology and holds its patent right, recently sued eink, eink holdings, Inc., formerly Prime View International Co., Ltd., Amazon Inc., Sony Electronics Inc., Sony Corporation Barnes noble, Inc. and Barnes noble station () filed a lawsuit with Delaware Federal District Court for economic compensation and prohibited the defendant from illegally using its patented technology during the life cycle of the vehicle

RFI claimed that the defendant infringed the following patent rights: Federal Patent No. 6606185, which reads "the formation of SPD transparent film and light valve from metal oxide heat reflective particle suspension, and the method of manufacturing such particles"; U.S. Federal Patent No. 5463491, which reads "a light valve made of a permeable film formed by a sealed liquid suspension, and a method for manufacturing such a permeable film."

Joseph rary, chairman and CEO of RFI, said: "Our scientists and other staff who guarantee stable and reliable energy supply have worked hard for decades. RFI has invested 90 million US dollars in the research and development of SPD intelligent light control technology. Now more than 40 enterprises around the world, including the world's top chemical and glass manufacturing companies, have recognized our intellectual property rights and signed licensing agreements with us. Among them, there are many enterprises in the automotive, aircraft, construction, navigation, museum and other industries These enterprises and their customers have used our technology to develop many businesses, promoting SPD intelligent light control technology to become the world's best-selling intelligent glass technology. Unauthorized use of our patented technology is unfair to our company, our authorized companies and their customers! We ask the court to prohibit this infringement and compensate us for our huge economic losses. "

RFI said that eink and its customers' products, such as Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, Barnes Noble Nook and other e-readers and e-books, infringed its patent rights

RFI company hired law firm Niro and Haller Niro to represent the case. The company is a Chicago law firm specializing in the fifth characteristic property case of intellectual property. In order to avoid the significant impact of the litigation costs on the company's operation, RFI signed a supplementary agreement with Niro and Haller Niro, which will greatly reduce the litigation costs

RFI has hundreds of patents in the United States and other parts of the world, as well as patent applications being processed. And its chairman and CEO, Mr. Joseph rary, has also visited China a few days ago to have in-depth discussions with China's heavyweight glass manufacturing enterprises and automobile enterprises. SPD smart glass is expected to land in China

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