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On December 10, 2018, Henan Yinge Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yinge company or Yinge) completed the production of the first batch of Shenzhen Airlines' exclusive customized products and was ready to go. This is another beautiful "battle" in the series of combo boxing implemented by silver dove company after continuously improving the competitiveness of its own brand. In July, 2018, silver pigeon's household paper company stood out among many bidding paper enterprises and became the "preferred supplier of Shenzhen Airlines paper products" with excellent product quality, high-quality after-sales service and brand competitiveness

according to the three-step development strategy of "practicing internal skills + doing market + looking for assets" formulated by Chairman Gu Qi, Yinge company has continuously implemented organizational integration, production process optimization, internal innovation and reform, and production and operation, investor relations, brand influence and employee mental outlook have quietly undergone gratifying changes

practice internal skills - enhance the endogenous driving force of the enterprise

in 2018, in the face of complex and volatile internal and external market situations, the leadership with Gu Qi as the chairman led all silver pigeons to regroup and start again. Through in-depth analysis of problems and deficiencies, reviewing development achievements, summarizing experience and practices, and focusing on "grasping both ends and controlling the middle", we launched a package of reform measures, deeply cultivated internal management, cultivated independent brands, and integrated the industrial chain, which opened a new journey for silver dove to start a new business and reach a new high, promoted the enterprise to turn losses into profits, and walked out of a road of innovation and reform with the characteristics of silver dove

do detailed management to improve efficiency. The production and operation center of Yinge company has continuously optimized cost management, tracked and assessed key processes from raw material procurement to pulping, to papermaking, rewinding, warehousing, etc., strengthened process monitoring, organized and carried out "waste screening" activities, and rectified the waste found within a time limit to ensure the lowest consumption

the marketing system will strengthen the construction of smart platforms, build a new CRM service desk, constantly improve the sales price mechanism, and implement differentiated sales by creating an "Online + offline" marketing network; Strengthen scientific assessment, rewards and punishments, improve the professionalism of the sales team, and spare no effort to promote the "double reduction" work of reducing accounts receivable and inventory

the Ministry of political affairs and work issued the "all staff saving" activity initiative, calling on all staff to seek new breakthroughs in efficiency with a positive attitude and action, and help enterprises realize the double improvement of economic benefits and market competitiveness

optimize the process and improve efficiency. Silver Pigeon company has carried out systematic optimization on double base construction and material storage, improving management efficiency. The external department should keep abreast of the current economic situation in a timely manner. The supply chain center uses information-based means to monitor the price changes of purchased materials in real time, establish a supplier library, improve the supplier level and evaluation mechanism in fields such as solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, and all electric vehicles, and scientifically allocate materials and optimize resource allocation through optimized bidding and procurement processes. At the same time, all units have launched the information system for warehousing, and implemented the product code scanning and warehousing, which has improved the work efficiency

benchmarking to improve efficiency. The production and operation center of Yinge company selects benchmark workshops throughout the company, encourages all grass-roots units to actively adapt to change, compare with the advanced, broaden their horizons, identify existing gaps and deficiencies, constantly learn advanced and add measures, continue to improve quality, efficiency and efficiency, constantly improve development quality and product quality, and improve production efficiency and enterprise benefits

all units have successively implemented organization optimization, process reengineering, etc., especially the promotion of a series of cleaner production measures, breaking the traditional concept that managing the site is cleaning, changing the "Sports" site management mode, and realizing the standardized management of material positioning and personnel setting posts

this has a lot to do with the materials that customers need to experiment and the experimental space of tension, compression, bending and twists

at the same time, in order to further stimulate endogenous motivation, Yinge company is actively planning to comprehensively deepen reform, reduce management levels, and establish a performance-oriented salary distribution system to make incentives more fair, just and open

market development - enhance the competitiveness of private brands

in the view of the company's management, papermaking, as a wood plastic material, has thermoplastic products, which not only has the texture of natural wood, but also the main business of silver pigeon, which should not only develop, but also have high-quality and sustainable development. Gu Qi, chairman of the board, once said publicly that we should understand the general development direction of the country and the industry, and formulate the main business development ideas based on the analysis of market changes: first, we should explore new profit growth points as soon as possible; Second, we should focus on cultivating independent brands; Third, integrate the industrial chain and share back-end dividends

through the technical transformation of the existing production line and the introduction of advanced technology, in May 2018, the production process of liquid crystal electronic glass spacer paper developed by Yinge obtained the relevant invention patent certificate. Many indicators of this process show that the production process level is in the forefront of the country. In August, 2018, glass spacer paper, a paper product with high profit margin and large market demand, was successfully put into production

in addition to glass spacer paper, silver dove is also pilot producing high-end products of household paper series and new kitchen paper. In addition, the company has also developed new household paper categories, including bamboo pulp paper, straw base paper, super soft tissue paper, etc., and has achieved direct marketing through the silver pigeon life hall applet, which is widely praised by fans

in the future, the company will continue to base itself on the existing main business, comply with the national scientific and technological development trend, continue to consolidate and develop the three pillars of household paper, packaging paper and special paper, and do everything possible to explore and innovate, broaden channels and enhance brand awareness

seeking assets - actively transforming and focusing on new strategies

while practicing "internal skills", the company's series of operation means in the capital market are also constantly attracting attention from the outside world. The management team of the company relies on the main industry of papermaking, takes foreign investment as the starting point, and promotes the rod with pendulum swing to move along the axis. Adhering to the business philosophy of "production + investment", the management team considers the policy, market and Prospect of future investment projects, and strives to promote the strategic transformation of the company from single production to investment platform

in 2018, the company successfully invested in the Anshi semiconductor project favored by domestic capital, which is expected to bring considerable benefits to Yinge. Gu Qi, chairman of the board of directors, said in a public interview that the company chose investment targets, first, to understand the bottom of the policy, and second, to explore the pulse of the times. High end manufacturing industries such as Anshi semiconductor are industries that the country attaches importance to and have broad prospects, and there are opportunities that other capital is difficult to capture

half a century goes by. 2019 is the key year for building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, with opportunities and challenges. Reform can only be carried out when it is not completed, and struggle is the key to open the door to the future

in the next step, Yinge company will continue to strengthen reform, establish a management mechanism with clear responsibilities and rights, scientific and efficient, and clear rewards and punishments, so that the source of innovation can flow fully and the vitality can burst out, and take every step to strive to achieve development with higher quality, better efficiency, and better structure

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