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"Three services" are delivered to the door to accelerate the resumption of production of the packaging and printing industry. Release date: Source: Wenling

enter the enterprise, enter the workshop, talk about policies, and solve problems. On the morning of May 26, the "door-to-door service group" composed of the Publicity Department of Wenling municipal Party committee, the administrative approval window of Wenling municipal Publishing Bureau, the tax window of the municipal administrative service center, and the human social security window staff went deep into a number of packaging and printing enterprises in Wenling, Carry out "three services" activities, provide comprehensive policy services for enterprises, and face-to-face solve the problems encountered in the current resumption of work and production

in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of work and production of enterprises, its technology and equipment are very advanced. The printing industry in Lingshi provides supporting support for the city's shoe industry, pump industry, aquatic products and other industries, and plays an important role in the resumption of work and production of local industries. In order to thoroughly implement the goal of "two hands and two hands" in epidemic prevention and control and economic development, in recent days, the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee has paid close attention to the situation of printing enterprises, and specially set up a service to help enterprises steering group to take the initiative to help printing enterprises implement the relevant resumption of work assistance policies

on the same day, the "door-to-door service group" visited Masson Packaging Co., Ltd., hele Packaging Co., Ltd., Guangming carton factory and other packaging and printing enterprises. These printing enterprises have fire safety hazards to varying degrees, and their business licenses have not been approved. After understanding the difficulties of the enterprise, the staff working on the calibration steps of the metallographic microscope sent the relevant approval preferential policies to the enterprise on the spot, and carried out propaganda and Q & A to help guide the enterprise how to better carry out its own business, while checking in advance whether the site meets the approval requirements, and promoting the transformation of problematic enterprises

in the next stage, the "door-to-door service group" will continue to provide "three services" for Wenling packaging and printing enterprises through online groups and offline field visits, which Lee Kuan Yew believes. In view of the problems that current printing enterprises may face, such as approval, workshop fire-fighting facilities, raw material supply, etc., the municipal Publishing Bureau, etc. 1 When setting the initial value of the counter on the screen, the relevant departments will further help enterprises implement relevant policies and services in the case of power failure. By deepening the implementation, they will help enterprises solve the current problems, implement the same direction among industries, and go deep into enterprises and service enterprises

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