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Three printing equipment enterprises jointly join the all print exhibition

recently, with the deadline for investment invitation of the all print exhibition approaching, in the "implementation plan for the transformation and upgrading of new material industry in Shandong Province" issued by the province, three more enterprises have signed up to join in one after another, namely, Yutian Tagore printing machinery factory, Weihai Wanli printing equipment Co., Ltd. and Shanghai sanding printing rubber products Co., Ltd

Tagore printing machinery factory in Yutian County, covering an area of 90 square meters, was founded in 1996. It is a large enterprise specializing in the production of printing, packaging and decoration machinery. The leading products are semi-automatic laminating machines. The noise level is at the world's advanced level in the field of truck engines. There are four series of more than 10 products, including automatic laminating machines, automatic slitting machines, semi-automatic paper laminating machines, and full-automatic paper laminating machines. In addition to occupying a high share in the domestic market, these products are also exported to more than a dozen countries such as the Middle East and Southeast Asia. They are famous brand products in China's machinery industry

the factory has a strong scientific and technological research team, and all use professional computer software to draw drawings, and use computers to simulate calculation and design oscillators, as shown in Figure 2. Non gate oscillation simulation tests are adopted to fully ensure good product quality and stable performance. Pay more attention to after-sales service, and establish a strong high-quality professional after-sales service team, with fast and fast service

Weihai Wanli printing equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Weihai, a beautiful coastal city and a well-known offset printing machine production base nationwide. It is one of the main manufacturers of high-precision and high-quality offset printing machines in China. This time, it also said that it would increase the publicity of products and enterprises, and signed a contract of 33 square meters

Wanli company gathers high-tech talents in the design, manufacturing and management of the printing machine industry at home and abroad. With scientific design principles, modern manufacturing technology and advanced management concepts, it manufactures national brand products with high cost performance. The company introduces foreign advanced processing equipment and production technology, and is organized and implemented by experienced senior engineering and technical personnel for production, precision processing and excellent assembly. Realize visual management on the production site and implement the internationally popular 6S principle. In October, 2004, the company successfully passed the ISO9000 quality system certification, which marks that the product quality of the company has entered the track of standardization and standardization. The WL series offset press that the company is producing and selling has the characteristics of "high quality and high precision", which has reached the level of similar foreign products. With "high cost performance", it occupies a leading position in similar domestic products and has been recognized by friends in the industry

in addition, Shanghai sanding printing rubber products Co., Ltd. also said that it was optimistic about the effect of the full Print Exhibition and signed an 18 square meter booth contract

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