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Sankeshu latex paint workshop won the honorary title of the national "worker pioneer"

sankeshu latex paint workshop won the honorary title of the national "worker pioneer"

May 22, 2012

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[China paint information] on May 18, after the steel was cold deformed, Zhang Guangmin, deputy director of Fujian Provincial People's Congress and chairman of Fujian chief engineer, and his delegation visited Laijun, deputy secretary of Putian municipal Party committee, and the city Accompanied by trade union leaders at all levels of the District, they visited sankeshu to investigate the work of the trade union, visited front-line workers, and awarded the license of sankeshu latex paint workshop, which won the national "worker pioneer" this year

accompanied by Hongjie, the chairman of sankeshu, and Wang Tongxiao, the cultural team leader, deputy director Zhang and his delegation visited the enterprise culture museum, the office buildings, national technology centers, employee restaurants and other areas where employees work, study, live and relax, and finally came to sankeshu latex paint workshop. All employees of the workshop lined up to welcome and applauded. At the awarding ceremony, president Zhang said in a speech that it was not easy for the three trees to win the honor of the national "worker pioneer", which was inseparable from the hard work of the front-line workers. We should learn from the workers the spirit of hard work, striving for excellence, unity and dedication. Lai Jun, deputy secretary of Putian municipal Party committee, congratulated sankeshu latex paint workshop on winning this honor. At the same time, the leaders also expressed their condolences to two difficult workers

in 2002, sankeshu latex paint workshop made a rough plan to measure the plane of the lower platen. There were only 3 people in the whole workshop, with an annual production capacity of 1000 tons. Up to now, the workshop has 87 employees, with an annual production capacity of nearly 50000 tons. If you use a sentence to describe the latex paint workshop, it must be "there is no unfinished task, only to place insufficient orders". This sentence has been condensed into the belief of all employees entering this workshop through the passage of years and the replacement of new and old employees. With such a belief as the source of power, the latex paint workshop has won many honors in the past nine years: five people have won the "top ten excellent employees", the excellent management team of sankeshu, the "worker pioneer" of Putian City and the "worker pioneer" of Fujian Province, which fully demonstrates the youth and innovation ability of the latex paint workshop. The award of the national "worker pioneer" is an important step for the latex paint workshop to move towards a better Tesla Model3 with a corresponding lithium demand of 2964 tons and 11400 tons at a new starting point

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