The hottest three steel mills in Shandong will lim

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If Shandong 3 is rising, it should be shut down immediately, and the inverter steel plant should limit the production by more than 50%! Qianjin steel will stop production

news: Recently, the environmental protection supervision team has settled in Shandong. At present, some areas have issued rectification notices that will not rust and cause bacterial nourishment. According to the latest information, one steel enterprise started the maintenance of sintering and blast furnace today, and the maintenance time is 10 days; As of today, three steel enterprises have limited sintering production to more than 50%, and a series of chain reaction maintenance caused by overload of a blast furnace is expected to affect days

however, due to the limited production steel enterprises have more sinter inventory, they will also carry out short-term furnace structure adjustment to deal with the limited production of sintering. In the short term, the impact on the overall production and supply of steel enterprises in the region is limited. However, due to the long-term presence of the inspection team, the specific details will continue to be tracked

Qianjin steel production suspension

news: Bazhou Qianjin steel has suspended the quotation and sales of strip steel resources since today, and it is determined that the production will be stopped in the early morning of August 24, 2017, which will affect the daily supply of strip steel market by about 8000 tons

price adjustment summary of mainstream steel mills attached

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