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Sanwen moon cake packaging "slimming"

the new national standard for moon cakes has received many suggestions and opinions from all walks of life since it began to solicit opinions from the society on July 17. Among them, the opinions and suggestions on moon cake packaging are relatively concentrated. Although the opinions are different, they express a common voice: that is to oppose "excessive packaging" and advocate simple and appropriate packaging; Crack down on "sky high priced moon cakes" and return its original cultural connotation. A staff member in charge of the formulation of the moon cake standard revealed that the new moon cake standard will fully consider and absorb these valuable opinions and suggestions, and will be launched and implemented in a timely manner after careful modification and improvement

is the packaging cost no more than 25% of the factory price high or low

"25%, too high! 10% - 15% is quite good. Refer to developed countries, some countries with much richer resources than us, their standards are no more than 15%." According to the new national standard for moon cakes, the packaging cost of moon cakes should not exceed 25% of their ex factory price. In this regard, a retired professor at Renmin University of China believes that "the proportion of 25% is still too high"

the survey found that the professor's views represent the views of a considerable number of elderly friends: "frugality" is a traditional virtue of our Chinese nation, and that kind of luxurious and wasteful packaging should be resolutely stopped. In contrast, some young comrades showed an "indifferent" attitude. Yan Shuijie, a kindergarten teacher in Beijing, said, "moon cakes, after all, are different from ordinary commodities, and they have stronger gift attributes. Since they are used for gifts, it is natural to consider the visual factors. The proportion of 25% is not high at all, as long as it is not more than 50%, it is not too much."

moon cakes not only have general commodity attributes, but also have special functions of traditional gifts used to present relatives and friends and express wishes during the Mid Autumn Festival. Different functions of commodities should be naturally differentiated in packaging. The problem is that there are hundreds of categories of moon cakes. Even though there are objectively two categories of "self consumption" and "gifts for relatives and friends", they cannot be clearly defined in real life, and it is difficult to implement classification standards

for the upper limit standard of "25%", a person in charge of the National Standards Commission explained that it was in consideration of the special functions of moon cakes that the upper limit of the standard was set at a higher "25%". He believes that at present, the packaging cost of moon cakes is close to 50% of the ex factory price of moon cakes, and some even reach 70% - 80%. It is quite good to be able to restrict it to 25% through the standard...

the packaging materials should be "easy to recycle" and difficult to distinguish between them.

an important reason for opposing "excessive packaging" is that the packaging materials use wood, even valuable materials such as mahogany and crystal. Due to the lack of recycling measures, most of these valuable resources are wasted. The new national standard for moon cakes requires that the packaging materials of moon cakes should meet the safety and health requirements; Packaging materials must meet the requirements of food hygiene; Degradable or recyclable packaging materials should be selected

in this regard, Wu dianze, a master student at China University of political science and law, expressed his view: "the requirements of the new standard for packaging materials should be more specific. For example, China has no clear standards or regulations on what materials are 'recyclable'. If the standard is to be truly operable, it is necessary to specify which materials can be used and which materials cannot be used."

it is reported that in order to stop the "over packaging" of moon cakes, some local scientific research institutions that often conduct impact tests on welded joints have issued Interim Measures. Not long ago, Shanghai issued China's first "slimming" method for excessive packaging of moon cakes - "Interim Measures for moderate packaging of moon cakes in Shanghai". It clearly stipulates that all moon cakes produced and sold in Shanghai cannot be made of wood. The coating has reliable fire resistance, light weight (dry density of 514 kg per cubic meter), simple structure It can withstand hydrocarbon fire for a long time (the coating thickness is 23 mm), and the packaging materials can not be used to make moon cake boxes with valuable and high price materials such as mahogany and crystal. It should be said that such regulations are not only convenient for manufacturers to comply with, but also convenient for the supervision and management of administrative law enforcement departments

is it effective to stop the "sky high price moon cakes" only by the new packaging standards?

not long ago, the national development and Reform Commission and other four ministries and commissions issued an announcement, mainly to solve two problems existing in the moon cake industry: first, excessive packaging; Second, tie-in. In other words, mooncakes should be "slimmed down". On the one hand, mooncakes should be "slimmed down in form", that is, efforts should be made in terms of packaging materials and packaging methods; On the other hand, we should "slim down the content" of moon cakes and resolutely curb the tying of ginseng, watches, silver knives and forks and other precious commodities in moon cake boxes

the new moon cake standard stipulates that when packaging moon cakes, enterprises should not use false wall thickness, covers and covers, or other forms of construction and filling to deceive consumers; The production, shape and filling of moon cake packaging should not be misleading, and the requirements for the empty volume of moon cake packaging should be put forward: the empty space of the inner packaging of a single commodity should not exceed 15% of the total volume, and the empty space of the outer packaging should not exceed 45% of the total volume, etc

obviously, the new standard only involves excessive packaging and does not explicitly mention "tying". In contrast, the moon cake industry management measures issued by some places have a much clearer attitude towards tying, such as the provisions: it is prohibited to equip moon cake boxes with tea sets, tea, watches and other commodities that are not related to moon cakes, and illegal enterprises should be criticized in the industry, and the selection of "famous and high-quality moon cakes" and "green food" should be banned

relying only on the packaging standard of crescent cakes, we should implement it step by step. Can we stop the "sky high price moon cakes"? Lawyer Cheng Gong said, "the standard is only a constraint on 'excessive packaging' from the technical level, and the 'sky high price moon cake' is not only a simple problem of excessive packaging. It also involves many very complex problems such as forced tying, fraud and even corruption. Obviously, this requires economic, administrative and even judicial means to effectively stop. The fundamental solution is to hope that the country will formulate and improve the corresponding commodity packaging law as soon as possible." A series of laws and regulations, such as the resource recovery law, should also make specific provisions on the value of gifts received by government officials. (yuan Guofeng)

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