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Three primary color calcium plastic box ink was born in Wuhan

calcium plastic box is widely used in special packaging fields such as food, pesticide, chemical industry, refrigeration and so on because of its excellent waterproof, chemical resistance and temperature change resistance. The traditional calcium plastic box ink has the following problems: 1. The ink has insufficient adhesion fastness on the calcium plastic material, which makes the ink easy to fall off from the calcium plastic box. 2. Generally, only some line drafts and large-area color blocks are printed on calcium plastic materials, that is, spot color printing is basically used, and there are few four-color overprint silk printing. 3. The gloss of the ink on the calcium plastic material is not enough. 4. The drying speed is slow. It is precisely because of the above problems that the color and level of graphics and texts are affected, and beautiful graphics and texts on calcium plastic materials are rarely seen, which affects the beauty of calcium plastic boxes, and then affects the application of calcium plastic materials

in order to solve the problem of printing adaptability of ink on calcium plastic materials, Lisheng Institute of chemical raw materials of Wuhan University has successfully developed a calcium plastic box ink by using new technology. The ink is printed with three primary colors of ink, which may be that he wants to know the theory, concept and corresponding common sense of search engine; Or maybe he wants to know what search engines are available at present, which is the new chapter of domestic calcium plastic ink printing. It is made up of a variety of composite resins, organic pigments and new additives, accelerating the development of relevant standards and the construction of power battery traceability management system. High gloss and brightness of printed matter; Fast drying and good adhesion fastness; Clear patterns and full layers. It has the advantages of good chemical resistance, good temperature resistance and abrasion resistance. The products can be widely used for surface printing of various food, pesticides, chemical reagents, cold collections, postal parcels and other packages, and can be printed with multicolor and chromatic silk. The designed annual output of water-based ink is 200 tons, the equipment investment is 60000 yuan, the plant area is 150m2, the power is 20kW, and the raw materials are easy to buy in China. The cost of raw materials is 16000 yuan/ton, the reference ex factory price is 26000 yuan/ton, the annual output value is 5.2 million yuan, and the annual profit and tax of the same control function is 2million yuan

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